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Full Version: Sprite Game V2
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Time to revive the Sprite game!

Quote:This is a game where you start out with a simple LF2 sprite, then each player may edit it using any graphics program of their choice.

sprite collection (Click to View)
* Gespenst says /bump

[Image: VVevNcZ.png]
[Image: R3JfSZI.png]
I loved this game
[Image: 4n1LFFu.png?1]
[Image: dennishenryedit1_zpsanqinrds.png]
(05-01-2015, 06:33 AM)EpicMickeyBR Wrote: [ -> ]I loved this game

same here, which is why i revived it :P

[Image: cdCqW48.png]
[Image: umQRckG.png]
I took a rework on the hood he had done xD

[Image: yqSOdgi.png]
[Image: HsN0b5L.png]
[Image: be3lVWB.png]
done? new one? pretty please?

[Image: i5V05v6.png]
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