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Contest #22: Spriting challenge - Theme 1 (Grunt -> Hero) - Silverthorn - 11-29-2015

The goal of this contest was to create several sprites, each with their own theme. This thread is dedicated to the

1st theme: Grunt as a main character

In total, 8 entries have been submitted to this category! These are the entries (in no particular order):
[Image: Li6NLRC.png] @AmadisLFE
[Image: knight_nongrunt_by_janisarcane-d9fv7p7.gif] @Arcane
[Image: 3454b62.png] Anon 1
[Image: 5T3L5wC.png] Anon 2
[Image: ijJQVYK.png] Anon 3
[Image: 6VbET7C.png] Anon 4
[Image: RqPnEIs.png] Anon 5
[Image: zmaHcxZ.png] Anon 6

Please vote for your favorite(s) till Sunday, December 6th!!

Subsequenty, the scoreboard will be determined as follows:
  • The winner of this poll receives 11 points, the second receives 10, the third gets 9, and so on.
  • If two places tie, they will receive equal points. For example: there are two winners --> both will receive 11 points, the next lower in votes will be treated as third and hence receives 9 points.
  • I am keeping track of who gets how many points. In the end, I will sum those up, announce the scoreboard, and, of course, the winners.

May the odds be ever in your favor :p

RE: Contest #22: Spriting challenge - Theme 1 (Grunt -> Hero) - mfc - 11-29-2015

[Image: ijJQVYK.png] because it looks like somebody took sorcerer's pants down :D :D

RE: Contest #22: Spriting challenge - Theme 1 (Grunt -> Hero) - Mono - 11-30-2015

Time for some opinion not based on relation to one or another and without guessing what is what and whos is who and yarararara. I wont be soft, so grab this in case of this

[Image: Li6NLRC.png] - You tried but I did not understood the idea. It might have worked more without the sword or iron-bat if it's one of those. And also colors could have been choosen more wisely, maybe instead of this cyan color, it could be more like bandits_0b pants color. But hey, don't go this. You tried and you played, congratulations my friend!

[Image: knight_nongrunt_by_janisarcane-d9fv7p7.gif]- WHen I looked at your sprite, it's animation reminded me one of Nintendo DS game, but can't tell which one. Using something as a base is good, even I am using one of those. Color scheme looks nice. I can't decide if it's a Knight or Justin :). Sprite design looks wise but I got few things for you:
*Animation, it could have been better with the movement. Now it looks like it goes few frames and starts from the begining which actualy lacks one frame which would make a perfect sequence. Thanks to his cape, I noticed that.
*Legs could use some movement.
*Hair could have had a more natural movement also, now it's like a leaves on the tree.

[Image: 3454b62.png]- I think it's Hunter. Looks nice, design is not changed too much but also not the same as it was before. Like the shading on the hair but I did not liked the black part of the outfit. Other than that, well done.

[Image: 5T3L5wC.png]- Another knight/justin. Looks nice, design is good but I would go with some alternatives:
*If cape is like being blown by a wind, I would make the same thing for the hair.
*Fix his head shape to more round and do something about shading so it would remind me more of the Justin's.
*Red parts could change it's color or be a bit violet or less saturated so it would not stand out so much. Now it's like one of these dress up games where you just add detail.

[Image: ijJQVYK.png]- Aww,this one looks lovely. Like the new design. Totaly would love it as a Hero. One question still remains, is it a boy or a girl.

[Image: 6VbET7C.png]- Hmn, nothing actualy changed, just some minor details. I would ditch this Jan's oufit.

[Image: RqPnEIs.png]- A sorcerer. As a sprite it looks stiff. He should look less like a dressed up fake body(is it maneken?). It should have more life, not a toy but a real being.

[Image: zmaHcxZ.png]- Not to be racist but MC, I mean hero as a round iron ball would do no good but reimagening looks quite good.

RE: Contest #22: Spriting challenge - Theme 1 (Grunt -> Hero) - Silverthorn - 12-06-2015

Polls closed! Thanks for your votes!

Please keep an eye on the entries-thread where I will reveal the results in a moment :)