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Contest #22: Spriting challenge - Theme 2 (Creature) - Silverthorn - 11-29-2015

The goal of this contest was to create several sprites, each with their own theme. This thread is dedicated to the

2nd theme: Creature

In total, 7 entries have been submitted to this category! These are the entries (in no particular order):
[Image: o2uY2R9.png] @A-Man
[Image: 9FMiP7D.png] Anon 1
[Image: FUzuWaM.png] Anon 2
[Image: 6pXCL2n.gif] Anon 3
[Image: JFARkvg.png] Anon 4
[Image: d829336.png] Anon 5
[Image: EnEr7V1.png] Anon 6

Please vote for your favorite(s) till Sunday, December 6th!!

Subsequenty, the scoreboard will be determined as follows:
  • The winner of this poll receives 11 points, the second receives 10, the third gets 9, and so on.
  • If two places tie, they will receive equal points. For example: there are two winners --> both will receive 11 points, the next lower in votes will be treated as third and hence receives 9 points.
  • I am keeping track of who gets how many points. In the end, I will sum those up, announce the scoreboard, and, of course, the winners.

May the odds be ever in your favor :p

RE: Contest #22: Spriting challenge - Theme 2 (Creature) - mfc - 11-29-2015

[Image: 9FMiP7D.png] oh boy this snake with antennas and fish tail looks so smooth. Tremendous artwork, congratulations Anon1-kun, you have my vote!!!

RE: Contest #22: Spriting challenge - Theme 2 (Creature) - A-Man - 11-30-2015

Anon 3 = Ariel?
Anon 6 = LutiChris

RE: Contest #22: Spriting challenge - Theme 2 (Creature) - LutiChris - 11-30-2015

Ariel = Anon3
Sanger = Anon4
Gad = Anon5

RE: Contest #22: Spriting challenge - Theme 2 (Creature) - Arcane - 11-30-2015

and you are 2 ;)

anon5 is housemate tho.

RE: Contest #22: Spriting challenge - Theme 2 (Creature) - Mono - 11-30-2015

[Image: o2uY2R9.png] I understand that winter is coming but please, be more creative :) atleast ice frog with a body of a bird.

[Image: 9FMiP7D.png]- A sea serpent, technique looks nice, I like these dark kind a grass details. Well done.

[Image: FUzuWaM.png]- The "Kung I will murder you Panda". Everything looks nice but it's still a panda.

[Image: 6pXCL2n.gif]- Now this one looks interesting. A giant earth worm predator. A gir is good, movement like he ate something or doing something with the mud on it's body, dont know. I like those crystal like parts. But something I think could have improved it would be those dark-shadow areas at it's belly, it could move along with it to show that it's a shadow or if it's a mud, then make like a mud being dragged all over the belly.

[Image: JFARkvg.png] - A compilation of nature. This one is saying "keel me". Somehow it could have been a bigger. I mean the whole image, so the details would be more visible.

[Image: d829336.png]-Too much human like, only a skeleton armor..

[Image: EnEr7V1.png]- Hah, funny little creature. O bulldog of the grass

RE: Contest #22: Spriting challenge - Theme 2 (Creature) - Silverthorn - 12-06-2015

Polls closed! Thanks for your votes!

Please keep an eye on the entries-thread where I will reveal the results in a moment :)