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Baseball Crowd Killing-Competition - Lauli - 09-07-2008

  • [Image: giffinalcg4.gif]

You are controlling a bunch of aggressive baseballs. The goal is to kill any character (controlled by "yourself", meaning that he doesn't move or is controlled by the computer) in the shortest time you can get.

  • It is allowed to chose any character you want, even Julian. But you have to consider that he has armour and is not so easy to kill.
  • It is not allowed to make any move/walk/run/attack with the other character.
  • It is not allowed to modify the damage or the baseball number of the main character.
  • You can change your entry only once, except you beat the highes score (So be wise what kill-time you post)
  • The Baseball-Crowd must get the kill to count.
  • Armoured Character-Kills count as own entries, the 1-times-change rule still applies.
  • The more armour a killed-character has the more it counts. A Julian kill counts more as a Louis kill, even if the Louis kill was faster.
The one who gets the fastest kill... Well, just wins :P (The main goal should be the fun though.)
There's no deadline or anything. The winner is always the one who has the fastest kill.

  • Defend: Lets all controlled baseballs fall down and stop the movement for a short time. Good for getting them all back to your current place.
  • Jump: Makes all baseballs raise higher in the sky. Good to get uncontrolled baseballs back to control again.
  • Attack: All baseballs get near the opponent.

If you have a rather quick kill make a screenshot of the statistics and the whole LF2 screen (Preferable post a PNG)


RE: Baseball Crowd Killing-Competition - Silverthorn - 09-07-2008

All right, I surrender...
[Image: 1366Untitled-1.png]
Nave pretty much nailed that competition :P

RE: Baseball Crowd Killing-Competition - Lauli - 09-07-2008

Could you... use a normal skin next time, please?
sure :)

EDIT: A new rule: Armoured Character-kills count as own, new entries, but it still apllies the limit with only one change.

RE: Baseball Crowd Killing-Competition - Sinow Rappy - 09-08-2008

Wow, that's a pretty sweet character :P

RE: Baseball Crowd Killing-Competition - Lauli - 09-08-2008

Then I hope you won't mind joining either :P

RE: Baseball Crowd Killing-Competition - Azriel - 09-08-2008

[Image: view.php?pic=xx4j5&s=4]
15 secs


RE: Baseball Crowd Killing-Competition - Alves - 09-08-2008

only 16 secs ;)

RE: Baseball Crowd Killing-Competition - Lauli - 09-08-2008

To be honest, alves I really think yours is fake...
Exactly having 16 seconds again is sounds really suspect.

RE: Baseball Crowd Killing-Competition - Alves - 09-08-2008

If this is the problem, I try to make other times, and here 13 secs:

including the firefox opened with this thread :confused:
so, if you think that is fake, I cannot prove contrary :|

RE: Baseball Crowd Killing-Competition - SamuelKPeter - 09-08-2008

Lauli, this won't work really nice until the replay mode I guess...

There may be some program that may count the time in seconds so we can easily take proof that it's not fake.