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Opening of the "LF2 Extended" forum - Silverthorn - 10-19-2016

Ey oh 'ello, remember the LF2 extended-thread? Well, due to the stagnant progress, the creators have agreed to open up the forum to the public. You can check it out by following this link.

This forum mainly serves as an archive (which is why you cannot post new threads in there); you can, however, post in existing threads. If you plan on continuing any of the projects, please be sure to read the info-thread beforehand so everything is cool and clear.

Just thought of letting you know ;)

RE: Opening of the "LF2 Extended" forum - Som1Lse - 10-19-2016

So all of a sudden there are 900 unread posts lol. Guess I have some reading to do :)