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[Fonts] Little Fighter Font! [RZ Musashi] - RazenBrenday - 10-11-2018



Basically this project called "Little Fighter Fonts!", Created and Modified by Original concept of Little Fighter 2 Logo,
By the way, This project started and ended in a week, I may check a problem and fix it in newer version.


I found that many people try to make it look legit, something look cool and unnatural for the example
"Little Fighter 2 The Animal Within", "League of Fighter" in 2012 by Ariel, "LF2 Hetero Clash"
in 2016 by Rienn Itari, "Little Fighter Revive", etc.


How to use

There is a little tutorial to make it more legit but easy, and fast


RZ Musashi V1.0 : Download Here!
[152.59 KB]

Special Thanks

Finally! I wish this project will be useful in your Project!.
Thank you for all supporter of this project and anyone who is here!.
Thanks for all suggestion and cheers! @Gad , @Luigi600 , @STM1993 , @MangaD
a Big credits is giving to Little Fighter 2 by Marti Wong and Starsky Wong

Created and modified by

Little Fighter Zero - Facebook Fanpage

RE: [Fonts] Little Fighter Font! [RZ Musashi] - MangaD - 10-11-2018

This is majestic! Great work @RazenBrenday!