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Thank you dear LFE - MnM - 09-11-2020

Hi everyone this thread is not about me bidding Goodbye, but consider this as a display of gratitude.

From the bottom of my heart I thank LFE for playing a significant role in my life and career. I joined the forum as a really young teen not knowing what he is doing but you guys welcomed me with open arms.

Wanting to create my own little fighter character drove me to learn Photoshop and that turned out to be the foundation for my career and it has helped me land jobs comfortably.

The constructive criticisms and friendships I developed over here has given me a head start and made me mature as a person.

Thanks to each and every one of you and thanks to admins for building this beautiful community. Last but not least thanks to Marti and Starsky.

Koushik Murali

RE: Thank you dear LFE - A-Man - 09-12-2020

Sappy :P. I feel the same.

I also joined this community at a developing stage in my life, and it had such a huge impact. I may have only known some of you by your usernames, but it feels like we could one day meet, and we'd all feel like familiar friends family.

RE: Thank you dear LFE - Arcane - 09-12-2020

It has been a true pleasure to have you here!

And I can relate to what you said... jesus I'm starting studying Game-Design now - LF2 and the community here certainly impacted my life...

RE: Thank you dear LFE - Lauli - 09-13-2020

Just out of interest, what kind of jobs did you do?

RE: Thank you dear LFE - MnM - 09-13-2020

(09-13-2020, 10:08 AM)Lauli Wrote:  Just out of interest, what kind of jobs did you do?

Since I was quite comfortable with PS, I learned Adobe Illustrator very quickly and that made me more valuable as a design intern. I got hired by a startup mainly for my raw skills and ability to take criticism fairly well and work on improving the output. Got to learn more about various aspects of design on the job. Since I was familiar with the tools, it basically fast-tracked my learning process.

I understood fairly quickly that design is the face of a company, so got to learn more about business and marketing. For the past two years, I mainly worked as a visual designer - my job is to understand marketing goals, user needs and create assets that drive traffic to the websites. Sometimes I even created these goals. I created visual identity, landing page graphics, social media promos, e-mailers, print collateral, etc. Basically every touchpoint a user interacts with the company.

Right now I am changing jobs with the aim of specializing graphic design/illustration.

There is a reason why LFE played a huge role because coming from a middle-class family in India, it is the norm to pursue Engineering because it is a safe bet. I did complete my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering but there is no structure in place to promise an exciting career. Basically I chose an "unconventional route" - at least to my parents. Once the money started coming in, they stopped complaining lol.

It was not the most comfortable experience. Countless hours of studying, keeping myself updated, pursuing perfection, endless self-doubt. It was a huge bet, I bet I took on myself. But after having a few years of experience under my belt, I can tell that this has paid off. I have even started seeing many parallels between Design and Engineering and maybe one day I will become someone like, John Maeda.

Definitely I was motivated to pursue this but all this would not have happened unless I had exposure to these creative tools initially and this forum. Hence the thread ^_^.

RE: Thank you dear LFE - Memento - 09-13-2020

LF2 and this community have always been here when I needed time alone, and when I was alone as a kid feeling alone also. It has given me so much :)

Even now, honestly I'm not having the best time of my life. But this place is always there, and LF2 is always there to modify and have fun with, when literally every other thing can feel like you don't want to do it.

I still dislike the fact that I wasn't allowed enough time on the computer to get into serious spriting and programming. Around the age of 15, i started losing interest in it and then I couldn't figure out what I wanted with my future. Now that I'm 29 and almost finished my education (but dropped out), I'm like: what I want to do, is create cool stuff on the computer...

RE: Thank you dear LFE - A-Man - 09-14-2020

(09-12-2020, 08:33 PM)Arcane Wrote:  And I can relate to what you said... jesus I'm starting studying Game-Design now - LF2 and the community here certainly impacted my life...
I'm curious here also about where and how it's like to study game design.

Quote:I got hired by a startup mainly for my raw skills and ability to take criticism fairly well and work on improving the output.
Nice. Yes. I agree that one couldn't/can't survive in LFE if they didn't learn not to take criticism of their work personally =D. Props to you!

RE: Thank you dear LFE - Silverthorn - 09-20-2020

It's rare to receive such wonderful feedback, thank you so much for sharing! Makes me glad and a bit sentimental to be part of this community and (through (questionable) abuse of power Wobble ) help shaping it, too. Thinking how we have known each other for up to 15 years (some even longer!) is absolutely mind-boggling! Coming to think of it, we were just a bunch of teens hanging out and doing LF2-related stuff... most of us have moved on to some completely different subjects by now. Undeniably, though, I'm sure LF2 and everything that has grown from it has left a big footprint in our lives with lots of memories.

There is so much that I could write about what LF2 and LFE means to me but I guess nobody would want to read pages upon pages and chapters upon chapters of me rambling about all these miniscule details, so I'm going to spare you all with unnecessary walls of text for a change :p

But one thing is for certain, and that is the fact that LF2 (and, in parts, LFE as well) has made us come together to inspire, create, and discuss. As much as we have drifted apart by now, there is still this link connecting us.

Reading how LFE has actually helped people grow fills me with incredible joy, considering that I do feel kind of responsible for the development of it over the past 12 years or so. It's thrilling to hear about what LF2-related thing made you who you are!

RE: Thank you dear LFE - Bamboori - 09-23-2020

Man, I should check out the forums more often these days.
I loved reading your posts and while I don't know how much talent I retained from my time here, it has definitely shaped me and helped my in times of need.
I'm in my last year of apprenticeship to become a web programmer, though my dream is still game development... just perhaps not video games, but rather tabletop roleplaying.