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KT-LF2 - KT-LF2 - 04-01-2021

I am introducing to you the KT-LF2 which was published on 2007 by a small potato HongKonger. Since recently the LF2 topic is started to hot again in LF2 motherland Hong Kong. I would like to share my mod again. Due to the pandemic, if you are shucked in home and need to find some fun, you are welcome to download this mod. Please don't hesitate to leave any comment here or visit my YouTube Channel.

All characters have at least 7 skills (which DJA is the special move normally). And since it already come out long long time ago, at that time I am still young, don't think a lot about the character balance. You may think some of the character is too over power. Please forgive me.

Below is the new Character:
Plastic God;
Dark John;
Justin Car;
Small Bat;

Deleted Character:

The Stage have no modification, please forgive me.

You can visit my YouTube Channel for the skill lists and Character List.


Screenshot (Click to View)

Including LF2 v2.0a

RE: KT-LF2 - Memento - 04-02-2021

First impression:

It looks pretty good. Not too outbalanced (I've seen worse), not too chaotic.
- I would however choose not to add extra projectiles to the ball type moves... I.e. 5-6 Freeze columns instead of 3. It had been done a thousand times before, plus it makes the game very crowded fast.
- The size of the moves is a bit too much to my preference
- Another thing for me are the colors. A recoloring of sprites can be a solution for you when you don't have the sprites for the mod. Higher saturation levels can be used to make something stand out more. However, it is Otten inconsistent with the colors and saturation levels used in the mod right now. I wouldn't reccommend using color overlays for entire sprite sheets, recolored skin and stuff always turns out weird.

PS why delete Justin?

Is this an active project? In that case, good luck.

RE: KT-LF2 - KT-LF2 - 04-18-2021

Thank for your comment. It is a mod that I released on 2007. At that time I am still very naive, have not think of any balance.
Below is my new Trailer.

RE: KT-LF2 - KT-LF2 - 01-02-2022

Hello all, I have new update for this project. Below is the trailer. Thank you for watching.

You can download it at below path:
Download Link

RE: KT-LF2 - KT-LF2 - 08-21-2022

v3.0 is released, you can download it at below path:


if any comment, you can find me in Discord Channel

RE: KT-LF2 - KT-LF2 - 03-03-2024

v3.1 is released, you can download it at below path:

Download Link

RE: KT-LF2 - klodasmone - 03-06-2024

It's a bit of a mess, but I like it. What can I say? I'm a messy guy... (:

RE: KT-LF2 - timharvey - 06-26-2024

I like this 3.1 version. Congratulation.