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LF+ (yet another LF2 with extra content) - LTWasabi - 06-25-2021

As the title says, LF2+ is just LF2 with extra heroes, bgs and weapons.
The load time has been inproved and ads are removed.
Nothing special, think LF2 but with some dlc. The new chars are tweaked, some minor, some major, to be as balanced as possible to the best of my abilities. They all should be on par with the classic LF2 heroes.

EDIT: Man, been a long time since I last worked on something. Been making some gradual changes to the game after feedback from local matches with friends and family and I reckoned the changes cumulated enough to warrant an update here. There are also probably some minor balance changes I forgot to log down.

Updated to v1.0d. Changelog attached. The readme as been reworked as a sort of self-contained website so new players can jump in quick instead of figuring out all the new stuffs.

[Image: qpUSqef.png]


Note: Requires 7zip to unzip.

RE: LF+ (yet another LF2 with extra content) - lfguy - 07-02-2021

I downloaded your mod, I will play it and tell my opinion

RE: LF+ (yet another LF2 with extra content) - LTWasabi - 07-16-2022

It's been almost a year, but been playing locally and making some tweaks here and there. Also, readme.html has been fully reworked instead of a plain txt file so people can easily peruse the additional content instead of sloughing through a text wall. Do note we are just your average run-of-the-mill players who mostly spam stuffs with a simple combo here and there. The balancing was done with that experience.

RE: LF+ (yet another LF2 with extra content) - neviem - 08-20-2022

hello so i played your mod and i have to tell that i like it some of the characters really have unique abilities which i like !
now there are some characters that needs to be buffed or alteast their spells
Olivia and her roll ball does almost no damage like its not even worth to use it :/
Alehine and his Conjure Pico Freeze does no damage which if thats how its supossed to be that it would freeze than thats okay g.g but his Conjure Freezing Flame also does no damage seems kinda lame to me if thats how its supossed to be but oh well g.g
Then when i opened readme file and was trying all special moves for all characters there were some misspells like D arrowdown J but istead of J it would actually be A but i figured it out quick beacuse i was trying everything anyways :D
And also i would like to ask is there a cheat code to unlock all characters? Like Julian etc because doesnt work.
PS - sorry for my bad english if there is something you dont understand let me know and i will try my best to explain.
But yeah other than that i really enjoyed this modification! good job! :D