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Ryozaki (Levi version) - rewlf2 - 08-23-2021

Ryozaki is a character originating from LeoSilva's creation: LF2 Victory, as a Earth-based fighter who looks like Ryo Sakazaki (coincidence eh?)

I found him more suitable to be ported into Vanilla LF2 than other character in the same mod, and after some organization, Ryozaki now also stands as a balanced fighter, retaining his moves and trimming excess features.

Ryozaki is a shoto melee fighter, strong, versatile and easy to learn.
His moves have low cost, but he is quite susceptible to punishes. Mastering Ryozaki's moveset will prove himself a very flexible fighter.

Move list (Click to View)


Dragon Palm
[Image: ETJpJOU.gif]

Double Kick
[Image: jkN1jSl.gif]

Rock Slam
[Image: Ul9JOxL.gif]

Dragon Punch
[Image: j62OF4o.gif]

Dragon Punch while rolling
[Image: 59SOcus.gif]

2x Dragon Punch + Rock Slam
(Rock Slam deals full damage only if his hand hits enemy in air)
[Image: OtDVW2h.gif]


Version: 23 August 2021


Leo Silva for original character

RE: Ryozaki (Levi version) - A-Man - 09-10-2021

Looks nice!

Maybe for the rock slam move, add some particle effects. At the moment, the rocks seems to be absorbed back to the earth in an unnatural way.