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LF_Random&Effect update1.8e ws+bars+mpnumber - 織女式 - 12-11-2021

Hello everyone
I hope everyone can give some suggestions for this MOD

Ten fighters feel similar to'hero fighter'
Added many interesting effects based on itrk8/wpk3
But I can’t pick up weapons either. Basically they are removed.
10 new self-made characters, mostly reprocessed from the original LF2 characters
Many character skills borrowed from dota2 are inspiration in new characters
The new characters all have an AI that is close to the original AI

Stage 2 with about 75% completion

Survival mode where you can freely choose which boss to fight and get a hidden password

download 1.8e

thanks for
lf2-R&E by me ,exe by Leaf.F ,bars by darkfiren ,bg by hari ,no head by boop
Special thanks to stm and Sauce for helping test and darkfiren for helping in exe
SV-LF2 XLF_Omega D.R-LF2/DRS S-LF2 R-LF2 Kate-LF2
SX-LF2 LF2-nS CE-LF2 LF2-Mega(聖龍) julio+ lf-empire-file
LF_Mystics Little Fighter Haha KT-lf2 kingdomstage
LFO Arcuz2 Virtual-Life3 Melty-Blood Path-of-Exile fate-grand-order
DiabloII DOTA2 LFO Arcuz2

thanks your watching
Also, thank you to everyone who took the time to help test

RE: LF_Random&Effect update1.361A - 織女式 - 12-15-2021

Adjust the following characters
sirius judge storm deep
Remake stage 1+2+3+4
png alpha
21:19/16/12/2021 fix bugs

RE: LF_Random&Effect update1.36 - 織女式 - 12-22-2021

update 1.42B
stage5-1~5-5 90% 5-6/5-7(X)
stage1/2/3 90%
stage4 50%
state 7 balance
update 1.444C
stage adjust
a lot bug fix

RE: LF_Random&Effect update1.45 - 織女式 - 01-26-2022

update1.454D beta
1/30 fix bug

RE: LF_Random&Effect update1.456E - 織女式 - 01-31-2022

1.456E update
2/2/2022 1.456F hotfix

RE: LF_Random&Effect update1.51 - 織女式 - 09-05-2022

1.51beta update
I originally wanted to keep it private as an easter egg, but in fact, after 2-1 and 3-1, there will be a mini-game to go back and play.
Originally wanted to finish the CH1 plot and then release it, but hehe

fix bug

1.51B update
Reduced the distance x for most room soldiers,will meet as soon as you enter the room
justin changed to beat the boss to drop the key

RE: LF_Random&Effect update1.51B - 織女式 - 09-07-2022

Add an exe that can be opened by people who use the original exe to crash

RE: LF_Random&Effect update1.6 - 織女式 - 09-29-2022

stage4-1 add memory game
sur add sur_trialsch
stage5-2 update
stage5-3 5-4 mingle and choose EX or Fz story line
stage2 fix lock cannot be repeated question
stage2 add vendor(not finish)
stage2 add laser in trap room and alock key in the mark room dismantling the orange keybox
some bg/stage obj
Fixed Trials 30-39 not hitting multiple units
del sur_mirror

Fix stage5-3 bug caused by id30act365
add telephone booth(not sound)

RE: LF_Random&Effect update1.6 - 織女式 - 10-01-2022

fix stage5 id30 act365 bug
fix paradox V
add 5-2 soldier lying system

RE: LF_Random&Effect update1.7 - 織女式 - 10-30-2022

OK, it hasn't been updated for a while, let's do a QA
Q May I ask if the stage difficulty is a bit high?
A Personal test can pass difficult stages 1-5. Some levels should use stage obj well. As for fzline 5-3, you can only try to talk one by one. In the future, it may be changed to ask players questions about lf2.
Q What is the focus of this mod?
A This mod focuses more on what effects itk8(effect).state10/12thorwwp(random).type3hit_d(?) can make
Q will do those updates in the future
A Complete the CH2 plot with only pure dialogue, basically similar to the complex dialogue system of c RPG(Baldur's Gate like) has been abandoned (it is too difficult to think of dialogue)
Some parts of the stage may be modified and complicated. For example, the king of stage 5-4 may use a mechanism similar to tos460boss
stage1 will add a city gate and the like, and then add a trebuchet to make a siege thing
In fact, some files in 1.7 have things to be updated. If you don't want to see the plot, don't scroll too far.