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Flooding Attack - Silverthorn - 11-06-2008

As you may have seen, LFE runs quite instable at the moment.
The reason for this is the following: several servers of Sam-City (our web host) have been attacked by floodings. They can't handle the immense amount of information and simply can't respond in time => error messages.

kingofcfw (he takes care about these servers) knows about this problem, and he'll take legal action against whoever is responsible for the flooding.

So, don't go nuts just because LFE isn't working properly. Just try again in a couple minutes, usually it works then ;)

RE: Flooding Attack - Drahcir - 11-07-2008


RE: Flooding Attack - snorsorbet - 11-07-2008

That was a real unkind person! HE DESTROYS MY SPAMMING SPREE !!! (No, actually he just is getting me on the nerves)

RE: Flooding Attack - MH-Razen - 11-07-2008

not only LFE, 700 members are affected

RE: Flooding Attack - Ascor - 11-07-2008

i think i know who's flooding lfe
i won't say any names but i've reported it

RE: Flooding Attack - snorsorbet - 11-07-2008

There is NOT somebody flooding LFE directly. I think that you have got it wrong. It is somebody flooding LFE:s webhost, and I don't think that anybody who floods the webhost want to particullary ruin for a small community like this... More likely it is somebody who wants to cause general destruction amongst the internet D:<

RE: Flooding Attack - Guigs - 11-07-2008

There's not anyone who's flooding LFE!!


And of course it's someone bad intentioned.

Actually it happened again, yesterday.