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Mainsite Problem - Silverthorn - 01-26-2009

As you may have already noticed, you get a 403-error-message when you try to access the mainsite. This is because we had to disable it because for whatever reason, there's an increased amount of database-accesses causing the server to shut down. We don't know what exactly causes it (whether it is a component on the mainsite or a hacking attack) but we'll work on the problem to get the mainsite up ASAP. Please be patient.

RE: Mainsite Problem - MH-Razen - 01-27-2009

this bug is not fixed, but since it's not terrible and the admins still argue who's responsible for this the mainsite is up again, but I dont know when it's down again

RE: Mainsite Problem - Ascor - 01-27-2009

let's hope it's never
but i hate hackers (looking at my name :D)
why do they do something like this?
let's hope it's just an error and no hacker

RE: Mainsite Problem - MH-Razen - 01-27-2009

to be serious I hope it's a hacker, cause the bug finding would be way harder for me :(