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[exe-skin] Aero - Silverthorn - 04-16-2009

That's right. You read a thread from me in the projects-section. Quite unusual, eh? Well, let's get to the point. I've been working on a little exe-modification the last few days. Nothing terribly awesome but quite nice, in my opinion. Tell me what you think of it :)

Screen #1 (Click to View)
Screen #2 (Click to View)
Screen #3 (Click to View)

Download: [attachment=2149]

RE: [exe-skin] Aero - hell fightter - 04-16-2009

oooh! awesome instant download :D best skin ever

RE: [exe-skin] Aero - Bamboori - 04-16-2009

awesome design! and release the chars, i wanna play them :D

RE: [exe-skin] Aero - dubbleD - 04-16-2009

hey pretty cool!
imo, i think that screen1 could be improved a bit more

RE: [exe-skin] Aero - jason - 04-16-2009

This is amazing because I tried to make a skin and failed horribly, lol. Nice job!

RE: [exe-skin] Aero - Silverthorn - 04-16-2009

@ all: Thank you so much :)

(04-16-2009, 02:44 PM)dubbleD Wrote:  imo, i think that screen1 could be improved a bit more
Sure, tell me in which way I should improve it ;)

RE: [exe-skin] Aero - dubbleD - 04-16-2009

how about this suggestion (if possible); make the those slightly darker areas that cover the 'Player', 'Fighter' text and stuff more rounded or something to make it fit a little more with the other stuff?

RE: [exe-skin] Aero - Hypermodder - 04-16-2009

Well, it has the regular blue hue, but it's still looking freaky awesome!
Looks snowy...
Also cool buttons!

eh, also wanna tst this chars! ;)

RE: [exe-skin] Aero - The Lost Global Mod - 04-16-2009

haha.. awesome.. pure awesomeness bp.. like always ^^
i know now why you had to put some stars in..
*thumbs up*

RE: [exe-skin] Aero - prince_freeza - 04-16-2009

awsome u never sease to surprise me bp nice skin really like the colour...