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[BG] Rooftop - Alectric - 05-11-2009

hiya all again :P

i am sick at the moment, so i had a bit of time on my hands ;)
here is my latest BG, "Rooftop"
Credit goes to Blue Phoenix for data help, and review :D
it is like a sequel to "Eruption" (by me and BP)
i got inspiration from a fight scene in "the Matrix" :D

screenies (Click to View)
it originally had rain too, but it was too hard on the eyes, and took away some of the details i worked hard on :)

Animated: yes
parallax scrolling: yes
width: 1024px
unbelievably awesome: yes


RE: [BG] Rooftop - chase123 - 05-11-2009

looks so good only thing i have to complain that the grey colour should be darker and keep up the good work!

RE: [BG] Rooftop - sadbhav - 05-11-2009

I have an idea, why dont you make lightning randomly hit anywhere?

RE: [BG] Rooftop - prince_freeza - 05-11-2009

(05-11-2009, 01:56 AM)Alectric Wrote:  i am sick at the moment
nice bg and we all hope you get better...:)

RE: [BG] Rooftop - Alectric - 05-11-2009

(05-11-2009, 08:42 AM)prince_freeza Wrote:  
(05-11-2009, 01:56 AM)Alectric Wrote:  i am sick at the moment
nice bg and we all hope you get better...:)
thanks :O

@sadbhav, you mean like a dynamic BG? with lightning that hurts you?
ill give it a go, but im not promising anything, because i have only basic DC skills. But i'll learn hopefully quick, and maybe come back with "Rooftop v.02"

lol, i might start a Mod soon, with all new BG's, weapons, and maybe some new moves for the original chars :p (or of course, sit here and forget about it:D)

RE: [BG] Rooftop - Azriel - 05-11-2009


lol. you should be proud. well apparently I asked BP to make a platform bg (he did, mind you), but it lacked z-axis depth so I couldn't code platform stuff for bgs. well anyways, I shall use your thing as to experiment (for platform development).

Course, I'll be using the thing as an itr kind 14 (or i may change the number if I think I want 14 to work like lf2 does).

you could still make the multiple platform bg, with lots more height (climbing a tower or sth?). I'll still be very grateful :P

oh no!
* File not found
disaster~ Hey look there's a Del Thank button!!!!! xD u'll get it when the thingy is downloadable.


RE: [BG] Rooftop - Alectric - 05-11-2009

fixed the link now ;), sorry about that

RE: [BG] Rooftop - JossuaDC - 05-11-2009

I don't like it...
I dunno... I think it's 'cause I was expecting better from you.

-Ladder isn't shaded/doesn't have highlights (as you'd expect from e.g. an iron pipe).
-Grey is too bright and too bland.
-The perspective of the 'block' (with the door (does it have a name?)) looks weird to me (too deep (not the character) - just compare it to the fighters (who are completely 2D)).
-The contours of the mountains are too sharp, imo.

RE: [BG] Rooftop - genevrier - 05-11-2009

Maybe I guess...

The LF2 perspective is in fact shown in this way:

You can see this pattern when you are opointing multiple object with one point tag.

But also to say, the LF2 system actually does not has such perspective.
When objects have similar X position, whatever the Y and Z value is, they form a vertical lines on the screen. Following this, the block would look like this:

Maybe these are not that matters. Just for your reference..

RE: [BG] Rooftop - Lauli - 05-11-2009

If you make some dirt here and there, and use at least SOME colour, then this can turn out heck-nice.
The perspective is okay, the texture is just too plain.