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Marti Wong's Art - ZOL - 06-07-2009

Looking at the portraits of the LF2 characters a thought spontaneously ran through my head to ask this question:

What do you think of Marti Wong as an artist?

RE: Marti Wong's Art - Daymio - 06-07-2009

he is just ... THE BEST!!!!!
he created this game what should i think????!!!!

RE: Marti Wong's Art - snorsorbet - 06-07-2009

I think that he is good... Good for being good, if you know what I mean. He is not outstanding, but one of the better amongst the good guys.

RE: Marti Wong's Art - Bamboori - 06-08-2009

well, he is not AWESOME (some guys around here are way better than him ->Bp :P), but he has his unique lf2-style.

RE: Marti Wong's Art - LutiChris - 06-08-2009

How come he doesn't have an account here to tell us why?

RE: Marti Wong's Art - vandesdelca - 06-09-2009

yea, i wonder why marti and starsky didn't join this forum...

RE: Marti Wong's Art - shadowlord - 06-09-2009

well I think that they are way to busy to be chatting!!

RE: Marti Wong's Art - Azriel - 06-09-2009

maybe because they don't have time to reply to threads like these...


RE: Marti Wong's Art - Kevin - 07-05-2009

also they maybe be busy... it is said in the credits after we win stage 5... anyway i liked the style LF2 has. Generally i don't like any fighting game, but except this one.

RE: Marti Wong's Art - MH-Razen - 07-05-2009

I think I am not as good as many professional artists. But I like to
hear that I have a unique lf2-style. :)

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