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[Item] Weighted Companion Cube - SirFrog - 07-01-2009

[Image: companioncube.jpg]
Indeed, I've made the (in)famous Weighted Companion Cube.
Quite a simple one, it's basically just the ordinary crate just bigger and more durable.

Screenies (Click to View)
Download Link >Here<

Edit: @Apoc: yep, made it virtually indestructible. After all, it can be hit with a High Velocity Energy Orb (which disintegrate everything else) without breaking :P
Edit 2: fixed new download link

RE: [Item] Weighted Companion Cube - Apocalipsis - 07-01-2009

Lol, awesome.

Not much more to say... nice readme xD

Edit: Nothing can beat it... tried incinerating it with Firen but it didn't work either xD

RE: [Item] Weighted Companion Cube - Beasty - 07-01-2009

Yay, Companion Cube^^
Really awesome, i love it :P

RE: [Item] Weighted Companion Cube - LBPGuy - 07-01-2009

Awesome work. You have to love the companion cube.
btw... the cake is a lie.

RE: [Item] Weighted Companion Cube - SirFrog - 07-02-2009

@JossuaDC: I DID make it from scratch, it's just hard to make it look LF2-ish.

RE: [Item] Weighted Companion Cube - Ascor - 07-02-2009

looks good and it's a nice idea
i dislike the wooden box
Awesome tatoo (Click to View)
The cake is a lie...
A LIE!!!
A LIE!!!
why did it end like that?


RE: [Item] Weighted Companion Cube - SirFrog - 07-02-2009

@Jossua: It is the same angle, just that the WCC is (obviously) a cube. the regular crate isn't.
@any mod or admin: would you kindly move this into releases?

Done! ~Ramond

RE: [Item] Weighted Companion Cube - Ramond - 07-02-2009

Moved and got to say; lol I should have done this before. It looks fun but you should somehow make it vulnerable to fire. :D

On first sight, yes, the colors looked a bit too realistic. But it looks fine when I look at it now.

RE: [Item] Weighted Companion Cube - Ragor - 07-02-2009

Epic win man!

RE: [Item] Weighted Companion Cube - snorsorbet - 07-04-2009

The first thing that came into my mind when I was reading through all old posts and saw the title:
"Omgomgomgomgomg!11!11! This is AWESOME! Gotta get to that post!"

And I wasn't disapointed. No complains, it's just plainly awesome.