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LFE Forums Novelties - Silverthorn - 02-28-2010

I have some new things for you. Those will include the following:
- an entirely new theme
- the reimplementation of the rep-system
- enlargement of the forum staff
- a possibility for you to add your works to LFE

A New Theme
"LFE v2" features several new aspects, for example a different layout or the Portal-page. In order to select it, please go to >your User CP > Edit Options< and select as the Board Style: "LFE v2".
As the forum advertising was not the most successful thing, I decided to leave it out of the theme. So no need to look for it ;)
If you happen to stumble over any major bugs, please do not hesitate to tell me. Until then: Enjoy :)

Reputation System
After a very long discussion, we came to the conclusion to give you another chance with the reputation system. Please note: as soon as we notice that you are not using the rep system as intended, it will be disabled again. It relies solely on you what you do ;)

Enlargement of the Forum Staff
We are glad to announce the following members who are now moderators:
• Alectric: Sprites
• Bamboori: Forum Games
• blow_fly98: Programming
• Reaper: Stories
• SirFrog: General Discussion

Adding your works to LFE
To be more precise: we plan to replace the current smilies. This is your chance to add your own smilies to LFE. For further information, please check >this thread<

RE: LFE Forums Novelties - The Lost Global Mod - 02-28-2010

yay finally some new moderator i can criticise. Nah just kidding. Congratz to all of you. ^^
to the new theme, I am doing hard to chose the new one even if it looks epic.. hm.. aww go away purple new theme here I come!
seeing the reputation system again is kinda odd but hey I remember that it was fun last time (until a certain point)

edit: forgot something, you might consider to change the color of the moderators, in the rep system e.g alectrics name isn't easy to read cause green on green kind of erm.. looks bad.

RE: LFE Forums Novelties - Divisor - 02-28-2010

Probably the most useful update recently.
The new theme is a beautiful update of the already cool black theme, the reputation system's return is a nice surprise and the new mods deserve their position.

Overall, great stuff and I hope we will see more in the (near) future.

RE: LFE Forums Novelties - MH-Razen - 02-28-2010

nice work on the updates, hope the rep wont turn out bad again :p

Wish Alectric, Bamboori, blow_fly98, Reaper and SirFrog a lot of fun while moderating these forums.

RE: LFE Forums Novelties - The Lost Global Mod - 02-28-2010

lolz now nearly everyone in the who is online list gives reputations! we got a hype! YAY

RE: LFE Forums Novelties - no one - 02-28-2010

Holy cow, the new theme look cool!!! Best upgrade so far.

RE: LFE Forums Novelties - Nakato - 02-28-2010

New theme looks great. Still don't like that, the reputation system, is back.
Get used to it, pal! - Simoneon
For sure, but I'm afraid , history will repeat itself.

And Congratulations to all the new mods :)

RE: LFE Forums Novelties - Ascor - 02-28-2010

I love you!
But i need to get used to the new theme ^^

RE: LFE Forums Novelties - Som1Lse - 02-28-2010

The only thing I dont like about the new theme is that the "Welcome back" header and the location is centered. Just doesnt look right in my opinion.

BTW: Did you use my CSS for the spoiler shadows?

RE: LFE Forums Novelties - Silverthorn - 02-28-2010

(02-28-2010, 04:51 PM)Someone else Wrote:  BTW: Did you use my CSS for the spoiler shadows?
You gave me the idea to add shadows ;)