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RE: [char] BatEX(previously named HealBat) - oliveryungo - 03-31-2010

Yeah, I think so too....I get kind of fed up with people naming their projects FirzenEX, JulianEX, etc etc. What's the big deal about adding EX to a name? Creativity, people.

RE: [char] BatEX(previously named HealBat) - basement2 - 03-31-2010

Try calling it Illusionist. He can clone, and summon another umm... "bat" to help him punch, can drain, so why not illusionist?

RE: [char] BatEX(previously named HealBat) - blow_fly98 - 03-31-2010



RE: [char] BatEX(previously named HealBat) - Taniaetc - 03-31-2010

ORIGINAL and completely random...
@Thread Author: Try to sprite the effects yourself, eventually you'll get better ;). Believe me, I'm as young as you too (12 years?!) but I tried to sprite myself (though it's horribly horrible). Look at my sprites if you want, maybe that will give u some inspirations.

RE: [char] BatEX(previously named HealBat) - forgetlatios - 03-31-2010

ok wil change the name(couldn't think of anything at the time),
how about
-Devid(dedicated to my friend)
and i don't want a name too different, though MAYBE i can rid the laser and bats then change the name more freely
and i TRIED to sprite balls, just that i can't 'insert' it anywhere.
[Image: X_ball.jpg]
thats my spriting of balls level, not bad but the colour... yeah but what else could i use?

erm... how do i make the balls being destroyed sprites? or do i just take the colours i used and scatter them
everywhere that seems appropriate?
i used dennis ball as a base, sort of, looked at it, then draw, look, draw, look...
and what colour should it be?? white+ some colour+ in between right? or am i ok?

RE: [char] BatEX(previously named HealBat) - Darkangel - 04-01-2010

The ball you just sprited reminds me of a ghost so maybe naming him Necro or Necrosis

RE: [char] BatEX(previously named HealBat) - Trickityhouses - 04-01-2010

I dunno why but i feel as though bat has the worst base sprits compared to the rest of the characters. he just looks really stiff and his shoulders look funny. Any ways the ball looks decent tho kinda dark. Devid is better then the other names.

RE: [char] BatEX(previously named HealBat) - forgetlatios - 04-01-2010

spritesheets with edits (Click to View)
i compressed it, school network is slow

RE: [char] BatEX(previously named HealBat) - oliveryungo - 04-01-2010

Wow, that looks quite good. Is he splaying his hand out? On the 3rd frame his hand looks darker, and when he switches to the next hand it looks awkward. You should rotate the hand a bit so it doesn't look like he's bending his hand inward.

RE: [char] BatEX(previously named HealBat) - Bamboori - 04-01-2010

if you cp the hand, at least mirror it. it looks really weird in the second sequence.
also, if you wanna learn to draw balls (lol), look >here<