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Contest #9: Writing challenge - The Lost Global Mod - 03-28-2010

Prepare for the second Story Contest of LFE. Your task:

Continue the story!

  • One entry per member.
  • Your entry has to start where one of the beginnings stopped.
  • Word amount: 200 words or more
Submit your entries before May 3th!!
beginning 1 (Click to View)
beginning 2 (Click to View)
Good luck to all participants :)

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - Divisor - 03-28-2010

Nicee, finally something for me :D
But do we have to write 200 with or without the beginning included?

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - The Lost Global Mod - 03-28-2010

^ without the beginning.. and YEA i am happy that you are joining as well. This sounds so promising. You can't believe how excited i am :D

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - Magnamancy - 03-28-2010

I'll participate I think.
you have no choice.. you HAVE TO ~ Phil
... no blue pill then? O.o

Last time I had the story ready, fresh in my memory.

This will test my imagination. :)


I'd like to re-write it all in my own words, but that's against the rules isn't
it? ^^;
(The challenge has already begun! First step, self control! =P)

ps. just a grammar note Phil ;)
"After three months,"

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - dubbleD - 03-28-2010

can it be as long as we want?
i have holidays now and i think i wanna kill some time

and if the situation is deemed appropriate, am i allowed to use profanity?

im entering :D:D:D
omg this is so fast. 3 hours after the thread was created
what a first ever story posted online and in a contest....
dubbleD's storyyyyyyy~(beginning 2) (Click to View)

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - The Lost Global Mod - 03-28-2010

^ yea ofc it can be as long as you want.. minimum limit is 200 words.. ;)
the maximum is not specified. Well you can always replace your entry if you want to. Great that you are participating. Oh and keep in mind that most guys won't read it if its too long for them.. so there is actually a limit but not rule-wise... voiting-people-wise..
guys who joined/or have to join (Click to View)

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - Elias - 03-28-2010

Yeah I don't have to join.
So we basically continue on one of the beginning.

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - The Lost Global Mod - 03-28-2010

yea i knew i don't have to force you.. cause it was obvious that you would join :D
and i am happy that i was right. Yea you chose one beginning and continue the story. Good luck!

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - Ascor - 03-28-2010

Shall i join or shall i just read the other entrys?

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - The Lost Global Mod - 03-28-2010

if you want to join then do it.. i expected you to join so this question is kind of suprising me :D