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RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - Ascor - 03-28-2010

i dunno i'm a bit to lazy to join :P
Probably all of you know that ^^

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - Magnamancy - 03-29-2010

You gave him a choice Phil. You're doing it wrong.

* Shock Never again will I question your untold wisdom, purple talking cat.


For the sake of being on topic: I reckon I'll go with #2.

edit: *

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - Divisor - 03-29-2010

Damn you Phil!
Why for the love of God do you have to give TWO choices?
Because now I have to, like, decide which one to use...I can't stand this f*cking dilemma!!!

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - Ascor - 03-29-2010

Not the Final Result, may be changed.
Comments please

Edit: Don't look at it it's bad.

Quote:The cry of a single raven broke the silence of the night. The light of the moon threw nightmarish shadows, one of them being close to a human shape. For a few seconds the shadow laid on the wet grass of a park, then he began to move towards an old Victorian estate. As the raven cried a second time, the head of the shadow turned around and finally light fell onto the face of the man the shadow was belonging to. It was the face of an old man who had already seen too much in his life, but his eyes still radiated power and a strong will.
After some more seconds he came to the great wooden door and took out a pack of picklocks. He tried the first one, but it didn't fit. A silent curse escaped from his mouth. Hectically he took out the next one and almost dropped it.
'Stay calm' he told himself. 'There is no need to rush.'
Finally he managed to open the lock. He slowly moved the door. With a long and painful scream it swung open. He was there. Just one last step to go...
A single Candle burned on the Table throwing deep Shadows at the valleys of an aging Face.
“Victor… you are here, sit down, my old Friend, we have much to talk about”
“How did you know I would come”, he asked him.
“Oh Victor I know you. I know you can’t leave things unfinished”
“Watch out he might be prepared”, Victor thought feeling the cold Steel inside his Boots.
After a small Pause the old Man started talking again.
“Victor, why didn’t you just hide and live a peaceful Life.”
“Robert! You killed the Sergeant!”
“You came all the long way to find me for that”, Robert asked.
“It took 20 years but now I’m here”
“Now you’re here… your journey was long so maybe you want a cup of tea?”
“Sure”, Victor answered knowing that this wouldn’t matter at all.
In the End on of them had to die.
Either Victor, the Soldier who always believed in the Army, or Robert, the Traitor who is loyal to everyone who’s Goals are the ones that promise the most Power.
“I am younger than Robert, this may be an advantage”, he thought.
Suddenly they heard a noise of something falling to the Ground.
“Now or never”, Victor thought pulling out his old Knife in his Boots.
He ran at Robert, ready to stab him.
Blood splattered on the Ground.
“Well played Victor… Well played”, Robert said holding the Knife he dropped before in his Hand.
Victor stared in his cold crimson Eyes.

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - The Lost Global Mod - 03-29-2010

@divisor: because.. if there would be one option people would be forced to use this one if they want to join. But what do you think might happen if they can't come up with something? They are not joining. With 2 options the possibility of people not joining is split into half (+ Phil faktor makes it another half => half of half XD)
@magnamancy: well.. i gave him a choice.. but fate didn't give him one. And i knew that from the beginning :D
and he joined after all.
@hacker and generally at everyone participating: Remember you got alot of time, so reread your story everyday (on the next day you might come across an even more awesome way of expressing certain situations) and improve it everyday. Means update your entry every day. Every fresh day brings another fresh creativity => another bunch of possibilities. So don't be satisfied with your first attempt, no not even with your 10th. Be a perfectionist. You can win this and you know it. or let me express it better. You want to win! So go ahead and win this!

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - SparK - 03-31-2010

What not to do (Click to View)
you know we have to have the bad example XD

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - MnM - 04-01-2010

hey i have not joined already in the prev contest can i join now?

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - SparK - 04-01-2010

(04-01-2010, 11:18 AM)firzenx Wrote:  hey i have not joined already in the prev contest can i join now?

why not? you can participate any contest, it's not like a contest club exclusive thread, you know...

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - Elias - 04-03-2010

Man, I got inspired to continue my story but not sure to join here. (but the contest end on 26th so I guess there is time.)
People don't rush in there is like 3 weeks until the end, why give up, why give. It's not enough its never is, so I'll go on until the end.
Sorry Breaking Benjamin Until the End, and yeah people reread it 20 times before posting, even good writers make mistakes.

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - blow_fly98 - 04-03-2010

Can I ask, why are most of the (common) nouns in Hacker's story in caps? That only happens in German afaik and I think this is supposed to be an English writing challenge.

OK, fine. It's not gonna stop me from reading it, but when you put a common noun in caps in an English story, it means it's got another meaning.