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RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - The Lost Global Mod - 05-02-2010

^ lol 120 stories? you mean 12 right =p
will overwork it in a few minutes.. thx for the c&c

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - Taniaetc - 05-03-2010

I'd try my best to criticise.
@Reaper: Your story's plot is followable and quite descriptive, and short, unlike mine WHICH IS LIKE OVER 9000 1000 WORDS. The only bad thing's that there's some misspelling and maybe grammar issues, but they're not much.
@Magnamancy: OMG you'll win for sure. Awesome writing style. Nice paragraph use, but like Reaper's its spelling & grammar needs to be fixed as well.
@Phil: Short and 333 words? Alright, it's short and simple (your slogan: KISS - keep it short and simple), but rather descriptive. btw you'd need to edit the story again... GRAMMAR.
btw my dad said that my story's grammar score is 77%?! WTN?
edit @below: What The Neat (my new slogan... lol)

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - Magnamancy - 05-03-2010

I don't know what WTN means, but how about you ask him if he could
help you fix the grammar up?

I personally always found helpful to have someone review my work with
me, so I could learn more. :)

RE: Contest #9: Writing challenge - The Lost Global Mod - 05-03-2010

closed and unstickied.. go VOTE!