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Help For Credits - alphafighters - 12-02-2010

I need a help for credits.
Actually I want to change the credits of the game for my mod.
I tried in Ultimate patcher. But I came to know that it does not work in v2.0a.

Plss Help! :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

RE: Help For Credits - MnM - 12-02-2010

try making a new one and don't create new threads for this things just use an old one.


RE: Help For Credits - alphafighters - 12-02-2010

Cmon can anyone help me!!

Or if its alredy solved on this forum, can anybody give me a link.
Cmon I need it!!

RE: Help For Credits - Ramond - 12-02-2010

Take this, then search for that

bz"Pasvl Xqqg-"Vtbtvkz"Zooi

with a hex editor. Then proceed with what it says on the page.