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EMF LF2 - LeoGautama - 03-08-2011

I'm making a LF2 mods named EMF LF2. EMF is short for Elemental Monster Fighters. This mod have monster chars I'm making!

Right now I'm making the monsters.
The picture below will explain which monster I have made.
Show me the picture! (Click to View)
Screenshots (Click to View)
Monsters Description (Click to View)

RE: [Mod] EMF LF2 - YoShockray - 03-08-2011

Well good abilities and funny monsters!
If monsters will be main chars of mod it will be original mod!
And do you need any help?

RE: [Mod] EMF LF2 - Whaat - 03-08-2011

Ok. Bad news first:
Sprites arenĀ“t very super, they are just some paint stuff you have quickly made, and i think there will be some problems in-game (chars move wierdly in every frame).
Good news:
You really are doing smthing by yourself, the first thing you are thinking is not stealing othersĀ“ chars, you make your own chars, and that is really big bonus.

RE: [Mod] EMF LF2 - Alectric - 03-08-2011

haha, awesome!
you get points for originality!

Suggestion: if you want to get rid of the white outlines on characters, use MS paint and a black pencil tool.

RE: [Mod] EMF LF2 - LeoGautama - 03-09-2011

Made the Blitzer monster :D

Description: A yellow monster. Its body is covered with electric powers. D > A = Thunder Blast, D v A = Electric Charge
[Image: blitzer.png]
^ Picture shows the Electric Charge move.

PS: Edited the first post

RE: EMF LF2 - Kevin - 03-09-2011

At last I think it's better that the main char is a monster too.. I won't want humans to be everywhere, indeed xD

RE: EMF LF2 - LeoGautama - 03-09-2011

Made the Leafost monster :D
Description: A big leaf monster. Its spines are as strong as steel. Its run attack is a good move. It has no special moves.
[Image: screenshot2ve.png]

RE: EMF LF2 - Apocalipsis - 03-09-2011

Can we see some videos, animations, or spritesheets? I'm interesed in how many frames you have to make for each of this monsters.

RE: EMF LF2 - LeoGautama - 03-10-2011

here you go

PS: added this at first post

I'll be making the next monster

RE: EMF LF2 - LeoGautama - 03-12-2011

Made the Palmoss monster

A big tree monster that move very slowly.
It has fire resistance [cannot burn] and ice resistance. [cannot freeze]
It's run attack is Fanleaf: Palmoss spins its leaves to damage the enemy

D ^ A = Leaf Rain [Palmoss shakes itself, causing a number of prickly leaves to fall down]
D ^ J = Force Field [Palmoss creates a force field which protect his team temporarily]
Info about Force Field Targeting (Click to View)
Screenshots (Click to View)
PS: I made the sprite sheet for Palmoss myself (not edit from normal characters), and that's why Palmoss is so big.
PS(2): Rearranged the Monsters Description and updated the 'Monsters Made' pic.