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[solved] Hex possibilities questions - NocturneSama - 03-09-2011

Hello there, HEXers!

I'm not (yet) a HEXer, but i'm planning some HEX changes in my mod and i just would like to know if they are possible:

Affirmation 1:
- The Main Screen shows a random pic between menu_back1 and menu_back13, found at the core of the .exe
- The Loading Screen shows the menu_wait pic, found at the core of the .exe

Question 1:
Is that possible to revert this system? I mean, make the Main Screen show only the menu_wait pic and make the loading screen show the menu_back(random) pic?

Affirmation 2:
- The "550" value is used in the dvx/dvy/dvz tags to make the object ignore the physics in the x/y/z axis.

Question 2:
- Is that possible to make a STATE with such feature? A "Physicsless" state, where the dvx/dvy/dvz values move the object like a t3 object?

Affirmation 3:
- After finishing stage 5, the "end" screen is show and then the main screen is called.

Question 3:
- Is that possible to make only the Survival Stage leads the player to the "Ending" screen?

Well, these are my questions. If i'm breaking any rule, i accept the warn with no complains.

RE: Hex possibilities questions - TheNave - 03-09-2011

Answer 1:

Answer 2:

Answer 3:

theoretically, everything is possible with hex-editing, but it's really damn hard to do

RE: Hex possibilities questions - Boop - 03-09-2011

Quote:Important Stuff:
Is it possible to .... ? Yes.
Is it practical? Maybe.
Will someone bother doing it? Probably not.
Will Silva do it if you ask him? No.
Will Silva get annoyed if you pm him about it? Yes.

#1: Is actually quite easy, you can pretty much do anything with the GUI. Look at the winamp lf2 controller thing, it lets you draw bitmaps and stuff over lf2. You can replace the entire menu system thing with it.

Don't know about the others off the top of my head, but they sound pretty easy.

RE: Hex possibilities questions - Bamboori - 03-09-2011

for number 3 you could as well use dc, "killing" the players at stage end (not a one blow ko hit since that would look stupid, more like being catched and maybe going to a winning pose and taking "invisible" damage).

RE: Hex possibilities questions - Ramond - 03-09-2011

^ he means the credits :P

In fact, how do you want to get to the credits if you can't actually beat Survival? :P

@Phil: After each restart? What for, it would be kinda annoying...

RE: Hex possibilities questions - Divisor - 03-10-2011

I think he wants to make another kind of Stage Mode out of Survival, probably with different kinds of enemies and different length.

RE: Hex possibilities questions - NocturneSama - 03-10-2011

I think all my questions were answered, so the Solved button is now pressed.