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RE: Bonu, RELEASE! - The Lost Global Mod - 07-29-2011

just make versions like 1.25 or so.. :P
Those are really minor updates in some cases so you could actually use that versioning form.

RE: Bonu, v1.3 out! - Whaat - 07-29-2011

(07-29-2011, 07:48 AM)LSwarley Wrote:  sprites: are nice nothing to complain about while playing only one thing bothers me though
in the facepic his cap isnt that big on the backside and when he is running it rlly looks like there is something big in it
That's becouse when he is running there goes air in his hood so it looks bigger :/
Updated breathing:
[Image: bobreath2.gif]->[Image: br2.gif]->[Image: br4.gif]
Sorry guys for making versions and versions, this is as annoying for me as it's for you. I always have to fix and you always have to download again and again.
Let's hope this is the as final update as it can be:

RE: Bonu, RELEASE! - Marshall - 07-29-2011

Thanks for fixing. Because the breathing animation is probably what most players would notice while in game. It looks much better now :D

What's your new project? Whaat should totally make more characters <--- see what I did there? :D

RE: Bonu, RELEASE! - LSwarley - 07-29-2011

1st of all i love it that u put them into attachments =p
2nd make new chars! mayb some old fashioned which were often done but u did like someone said(forgot who xD)
one of the best versions of a trap, mine etc. char ^^

would be nice to see some revamped ideas, improved and stamped with the own style of urs =p

RE: Bonu, RELEASE! - Gad - 07-29-2011

I'd make them a little more longer, like 1 or 2 pixels, but it's ok.
Thanks for fixing that. I'll download it later probably.

RE: Bonu, RELEASE! - LSwarley - 07-29-2011

just had an idea: can u make him a grab attack like D^A ? cause the super punch dont hit if ur too close so i prefer grabbing but like i said no superpunch =p or plant a mine and when he stand ups it explodes? just a change of "next:" or?

RE: Bonu, RELEASE! - Whaat - 07-29-2011

At first he had somekinda grab_explosion move but i removed it becouse of it's bugs that i didn't want to fix after losing motivation.
And for those who are waiting char:
Well, i have started talking about 2 guys 1 project (lol) with a spriter (or well, he asked me first).
I would mainly make the data and maybe some sprites and the other guy would make most of the sprties.
I'm not telling more yet cuz we have only one single unfinished sprite.
Remember to keep eye on projects section ;)

RE: Bonu, RELEASE! - Marshall - 07-29-2011

is it Designinheaven?

RE: Bonu, RELEASE! - Update - 07-29-2011

good job master :D

good job master i download it first :D not like you...

RE: Bonu, RELEASE! - empirefantasy - 07-29-2011

I tested it.

Good sprites,balanced mp/injury.Not so much DC,just 5 moves.Also not anything awesome in DC,but anyways good character.
I like mines that he put in the earth. :D