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RE: Bonu - Whaat - 07-21-2011

Ookay, the char is coming to the finishing line!
The only thing i have to do is the final sprites in Bonu_1 (30 sprites).
So now is your final chance to suggest moves!
Atm char has:
-Mine (mine)
-bomb_boost (rushes forward like Woody's D>J, can be used as fast moving or attacking with explosion)
-Dynamite_throw (throws an dynamite that explodes when getting hit/hitting the ground)
-Explosion blast (this is the same as super_punch so i don't count this as ''real'' move and that's why i would like to have one more move)

Move suggestions relating to char plz D: ?

RE: Bonu - Marshall - 07-21-2011

maybe a move for dodging. can't think of anything explosive related right now, so I thought dodging which is kinda guerilla like >.>

RE: Bonu - klodasmone - 07-21-2011

-kamikaze explosion (swallow dynamite, detonate of touch)
-tear-gas or smoke-grenades (puts enemies in an injured state in a nearby region, which is covered by smoke)
-bazooka (what is says)

RE: Bonu - bashscrazy - 07-21-2011

CLICK IF YOU DARE (Click to View)

RE: Bonu - Marshall - 07-21-2011

the kamikaze sounds quite interesting. The tear gas just seem to slightly deviate from the theme of explosives, so I didn't post it even though it crossed my mind

RE: Bonu - Whaat - 07-21-2011

-Dodge: Maybe as a bonus move :/ just thinking how i could do it char related.
-Kamikaze exp: nah, normal dynamite is enough.
-Tear gas could maybe be :/ atleast the data shouldn't be very hard to make, the sprites are the harder part.
-Bazooka, if the tear gas doesn't work this is assom idea D:
-Yeah attack: maybe next time xp thanks for teh lulz.

RE: Bonu - Lauli - 07-21-2011

I've looked at the progress of this char. Really cool design! I think, visually, he goes along very well with Bandit and Hunter. Maybe you can provide an alternate version where you give him a white hoodie and yellow gloves? :)

However, you should add some "dynamic" to the sprites. Because really, he looks pretty stiff.
Maybe change leg positions, or whatever, but don't just leave it like now.
[Image: maybeb.png]ÔćÉcheap edit, haha.
But you get the idea: Stiffness = not good.

Could you post a GIF of the super_punch or the dash_attack? Would like to see them aswell.

Also, here's a little inspiration for a tear-gas grenade: Click
I can give you the sprites if you want to.

RE: Bonu - Whaat - 07-21-2011

For Lauli's request:
Super_punch (Click to View)
I'm proud that even Lauli the fresh is interested about this project xp

RE: Bonu - Lauli - 07-21-2011

Another suggestion, you could make a spritesheet with several fuse sparks (?) and use those for the whole char.
You can add them at the charging-up for the super punch, for the dynamite, etc.
That way the character looks a bit more custom-ish, haha.
  1. [Image: sparkszo.png]
But yea, definitely make the explosion of the dynamite bigger, the thing you have now looks like a little firework :P

Okay dudes and dudettes. FRESH OUT!

RE: Bonu - Whaat - 07-22-2011

Wohoo, i have fixed all itrs' x,y, w and h areas! Took a little while D:
Also i have made the bazooka (and ammo)!
[Image: bazooka.png] <- 100% by me D: spriting it was easier than i thought it would be.
Bazooka as an attack is already almost completed :o just need to get an great idea where the hell does that bazooka come from (many guys don't have bazooka in their pocket, and even if they had, it doesn't just ''puff'' and be in their hands) :/
And sorry but this isn't going to be ready as fast as i thought :/ it will take awhile to sprite the remaining 30 (or more after bazooka attack) sprites + fix the wpoints that always get messy when making new moves :/