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RE: Bonu - Silverthorn - 07-22-2011

(07-22-2011, 11:02 AM)Whaat Wrote:  just need to get an great idea where the hell does that bazooka come from (many guys don't have bazooka in their pocket, and even if they had, it doesn't just ''puff'' and be in their hands) :/

Let him raise up his hand and then let this thing spawn from the sky, falling directly into his arms. That's what I could imagine to happen ;)

RE: Bonu - A-Man - 07-22-2011

How about U add a time bomb

RE: Bonu - bashscrazy - 07-22-2011

You should check out the Metal Gear Solid LF2 0.45 mod.
Solid Snake has a bazooka attack and it is just awesome!
The whole unfinished mod is awesome. Too bad they couldn't finish D:

RE: Bonu - Whaat - 07-22-2011

BP: Heh, that would look cool xp but maybe i will make smthing more ''original''
A-Man: Bonu has mine, isn't that enough? I think that time bomb wouldn't be as useful as mine is.
bash: Thanks again man, you really are helping out :3 checked it on youtube, i will maybe make smthing similar.
Here's the link for those who would like to see the MGS LF2 vid too:

RE: Bonu - 8obis - 07-22-2011

How about the Bazoka just fades in? That would make it smooth.


RE: Bonu - Bamboori - 07-23-2011

make the bazooka appear like the hoipoi capsule stuff in dbz ;D
@mine move: maybe make it adjustable: +j is time bomb, +d is manually activated bomb/activating bomb

RE: Bonu - Whaat - 07-23-2011

I will try making that.
Hmm, making those doesn't sound too hard so maybe i will try :3

RE: Bonu - Whaat - 07-24-2011

Okay, bazooka ''appearing'' is now smthing like this:
He takes block from his pocket, it transform to bazooka and launches D: you will see this ingame when you download the char ;), but unfortunately that will still take some time :3
And about the mine:
I'm thinking will i make the timebomb or not, but atm i have made the detonating for mines, here's pics:
And putting that many mines takes awhile, so don't think they are overpwrd, they can't even take 50hp Bandit down D: they are still useful when fighting big groups and when retreating.

RE: Bonu - bashscrazy - 07-24-2011

Cool I wanna see this bazooka transformation!
Also maybe you can remove the shadows of the mines, it'll probably look better that way.

RE: Bonu - Lauli - 07-24-2011

So you lay the mines, and then, how are they activated?
Do they explode after some time, when someone steps on them, or are they triggered by Bonu with a special key-input?

Okay. Thanks. Bye.