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RE: Bonu - Whaat - 07-24-2011

(07-24-2011, 02:29 PM)Lauli Wrote:  So you lay the mines, and then, how are they activated?
Do they explode after some time, when someone steps on them, or are they triggered by Bonu with a special key-input?
Atm the mines work like this:
DvA lays mine.
DvA again, lays another mine
DvA again and again, makes mines D: so you can make as many mines as you wish.
When someone steps on them, they explode. They also can be ''defused'' by making smthing that attacks the ground like Julian's soul_bomb.
They also can be detonated by pressing DvJ, but i'm not sure is there any meaning to it :p , mines' explosions have so little itr area that the need to detonate them before someone steps on them isn't very useful :/
But maybe that will change if i make 2 mines, others can be detonated with DvJ, and they have bigger area?
Have to think :/

RE: Bonu - Wiro - 07-24-2011

I think you should make two different kind of mines:
-Claymore, which are detonated when someone steps on it. You can place as many of them as you want.
-C4, which you throw and then detonate with the same input. (Only one in time)

RE: Bonu - Whaat - 07-26-2011

Now really (?) coming to the finish line D:
Now i have just to make:
-17 sprites from Bonu_1, after that all sprites are ready.
-8 sprites from Bonu_1, after that all sprites are ready.
-Wpoints in bonu.dat
-fix the sounds, i usually play without sounds so i have no idea what kinda sounds the char has atm xp don't expect too much from the sounds cuz i will probably use only standard LF sounds.
E. And ofc i have to write readme D:
E2. All sprites made!!!

RE: Bonu, RELEASE! - Whaat - 07-28-2011

So after long time of work i have finished this project D: here's the download link:
Click to download Bonu v.1 from MediaFire
Click to download Bonu v.1 from MegaUpload
I hope you like the char and especially i hope the download works xp first time using any other sharing site than imageshack or photobucket D:
E: And someone could move this to releases.
E2. And please answer to the poll :3

RE: Bonu - LSwarley - 07-28-2011

for the sake of ppl who live in a country like china use more than one sharingsite since alot dun work =p
couldnt test alot of chars, which were rlly inviting (albakas ninja4tales, etc...)
same goes for screens/gifs =/

but well im looking forward to it even if i have to w8 until itson the mainsite, which btw works to dl!

RE: Bonu, RELEASE! - Whaat - 07-28-2011

Now also from MegaUpload :o
Click to download Bonu v.1 from MegaUpload
And if you didn't notice the first post or my earlier post, here's also link for MediaFire :o
Click to download Bonu v.1 from MediaFire
Happy playings D:

RE: Bonu - bashscrazy - 07-28-2011

I like the Bomb Boost ;)

Also for the dynamite throw - if it touches someone in midair it burns the person but keeps falling down. only if they punch it, then it blows up.

also for hte dash attack maybe make the little effect move with his hand rather than staying still
and you should probably remove teh bpoints since he's wearing a mask ;)

I noticed some black pixels around his shoes while running.

RE: Bonu, RELEASE! - drako - 07-28-2011

Bonu is a very creative character you have made!!
Very nice job dude!!!

RE: Bonu, RELEASE! - nehalbordoloi - 07-28-2011

Nice char!Attacks are nice.
Sprites are also good.
Great job.:D

RE: Bonu, RELEASE! - drako - 07-28-2011

Bonu is a very creative character you have made!!The effort which you have put to make this character shows your hardwork.Very nice job dude!!!