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New LFE Forum - MH-Razen - 03-09-2008

Since the old Forum at Danethical Services had problems with accounts (they lost userdata and so the users couldn't use their accounts anymore) and this couldn't be fixed by the hostadmins I had to create a new forum. The new forums are now hosted on our own server, the domain is

We're still working on the forum, styles, graphics, errors, so if you have some please report them in Bugs, but check if there isn't a thread about your error yet, thanks.

We also set up a lot of new stuff: new forum order, some forums aren't there anymore and we set some new rules, so make sure you read them please.

There's just one bad thing at the moment: The Server of LFE lags sometimes. We'll get a new one in two weeks (hopefully) and it should be better then. Untill then there's almost nothing I can do...

Have fun posting now

RE: New LFE Forum - ~Dome~ - 03-09-2008

Finally a New Forum, looks great =D
Now I have a reason to be really active ^_^"

MyBB Forums are nice, good choise ;D
I hope t3h lf2 community get back now


RE: New LFE Forum - RectumHoward - 03-21-2008

Although I would've suggested vBulletin (, MyBB is hot too. :)


RE: New LFE Forum - Fox CN - 04-01-2008

RectumHoward Wrote:Although I would've suggested vBulletin (, MyBB is hot too. :)


wbb3 and vbulletin would be nice, but MyBB is also nice. :D
good job.

RE: New LFE Forum - MH-Razen - 04-09-2008

well, even if you suggest this: I doubt I'll make a new forum once nore... :p