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Avatar-change-day! - Silverthorn - 04-30-2013


considering the situation of not being able to write files on the server, I looked for a workaround of enabling you to change your avatar. And I found a way. However, it requires direct database-access. Therefore, I decided to be kind and open up a little service. From the time of this post's date, 24h onwards, I'll change your avatar! :D

However, despite all doubts, I am still a human (albeit quite awesome), so I'll have a few limitations to mention first:
  • One avatar change per person (so think twice if you want to live with your new avatar)
  • The avatar's size must be 120x120 or smaller
  • Upload your new avatar to an image-host that allows hotlinking*) (ie.
  • Send me a PM with the direct image-link (and praises and glorifications)
  • This offer will only last 24h after this post's date

*) I am also aware of the fact that you might have your own website that you can upload stuff to and later renew the file. Personally, I don't mind. Just be sure that you stick to the same size then (eg. 120x120) because it'll inevitably stretch otherwise.

So, you want to replace your avatar? Then send me a PM! (or post in here. I don't really care. I'm an admin. Not a cop) :)

Please note that I don't know when or if I'll do this anytime soon again :p

RE: Avatar-change-day! - Boop - 04-30-2013

Please hear my prayers my Blue Phoenix. Have the strength and motivation to give me a sheep avatar [Image: doty7Xn.gif]. You are my only hope.

RE: Avatar-change-day! - The Lost Global Mod - 04-30-2013

Please, dear lord, if you could reproduce the miracle you did for Lord Silva, i would be more than blessed.
Change my Avatar to this please:
[Image: NrCfFMt.png]

RE: Avatar-change-day! - prince_freeza - 04-30-2013


RE: Avatar-change-day! - Ariel - 04-30-2013

would like to get this ava ^^
[Image: ava_by_arieltw1-d63mk3k.gif]

RE: Avatar-change-day! - WatermelonOwl - 04-30-2013

I would like to change to this please. :)
[Image: square_zpse0459c14.png]

RE: Avatar-change-day! - Bamboori - 05-01-2013

gah, now i have to make a new ava tomorrow D:
cause im too silly to use a webhost to make the image changeable

RE: Avatar-change-day! - MnM - 05-01-2013

[Image: P4bnuso.png]

RE: Avatar-change-day! - betitngoan - 05-01-2013

[Image: 858453_608508542498427_418344979_o_zpsfffdc14e.png]

RE: Avatar-change-day! - LutiChris - 05-01-2013

[Image: seriously_bro__by_kaywonnjuto-d63p6bg.png]