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[solved] Big energy ball - Onikatsu - 08-09-2013

Hi all, I am here today to learn how to make a big energy ball like Genkidama, but I don't know why, it don't work, I think I missed something, can someone help me? (I am new in the Data-Changing)
Well, this is my situation:
I have the sprites, I just make them (from template and a genkidama from google):
the ball itself is working, but this sprite does not work, I just have nothing in the template place when I launch the attack, and the ball is launched!
Can someone explain me what's the problem?
I think those lines of the data can help:
One of the first lines:
And the ball lines: (it's copied from julian one)
And thanks for your help.

RE: Big energy ball - Reaper - 08-09-2013

Most likely it does appear, but you'll need to change the centerx: and centery: or the sprite will appear below the ground.
I also don't get why in the first line you have a height of just 184.
Something like w: 199 h: 404 in the first line and centerx: 90 centery: 397 in the frames should work (the coordinates are always measured from the upper left corner to the place where the shadow should appear iirc).
(Also, it would be 140-145, but that's not really important in this case)

RE: Big energy ball - Onikatsu - 08-09-2013

I just did what you said, but before you said it xD, now it's like this:
And in the sprites, there is only 4 row, it's better like that, and I will change the center, thanks a lot!

RE: Big energy ball - Rhino.Freak - 08-09-2013

since the grid is much bigger, you need to change the centerx and y's in it according to it, for the sprites to look perfect.. good luck mate!

RE: Big energy ball - Onikatsu - 08-09-2013

The center not working yes, I tried centerx: 90 centery: 397, but didn't worked, I tried centerx: 39 centery: 79 too, but it's in the down

RE: Big energy ball - InPhiKnight - 08-09-2013

decreasing the centery make the ball sprites appear down[the more you decrease, it will go down][the more you increase, it will go up]
do you know that....
Quick trying is DANGEROUS(I mistakenly wrote it opposite)

RE: Big energy ball - Onikatsu - 08-09-2013

Oh, I was thinking to that, but I wasn't sure lol, thanks for your answer too davis60
But can someone tell me what is the exact value please? I am very confused now.

RE: Big energy ball - Ramond - 08-09-2013

Nope, it's the other way round: more centery makes the sprite go up, and more centerx makes the sprite go left

What I suggest is that you crop your image with the attack in a way so that the bounds are as small as possible (what I mean is reduce the top border until it hits a pixel of any of the balls in the spritesheet, so there is no unneccessary black space above). Then measure the new height of the spritesheet, and that (minus one or two) should be your centery. Centerx is most likely half of your sprite width ;)

RE: Big energy ball - Onikatsu - 08-09-2013

@Ramond, I already decrease the line, I didn't show my new sprite yet, so this is how it look like:

RE: Big energy ball - Reaper - 08-09-2013

To get the exact values, you can use the selection tool in your graphic programm of choice. Start at the upper left corner (of the frame) and drag the cursor to the place where you want the shadow to be (so directly on the ground, between the two feet most likely). You should find the size of your selection somewhere, which gives you the values for centerx/y.