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[solved] Ball hitting ground (hit_Fa?) - Gad - 08-18-2013

I've been overdoing this topic like 5 times already. I can't find anything that will help me in the Solved section. So...
I want to create a blast, that goes diagonaly from up.
When I use type 3 with hit_Fa 3 it doesn't work.
It acts just like it doesn't hit the ground.

<frame> 150 flying
   pic: 4  state: 3000  wait: 2  next: 150  dvx: 10  dvy: 3  centerx: 28  centery: 27  hit_a: 0  hit_d: 0  hit_j: 0 hit_Fa: 3
      kind: 0  x: 8  y: 6  w: 29  h: 13  dvx: 5  fall: 70  vrest: 10  bdefend: 16  injury: 35
      kind: 0  x: 8  y: 6  w: 25  h: 13

There is frame 60, frame 10, frame 20 and 30. Ball goes to 10, 20 and 30 frames in cases, but somehow it looks like it ignores the ground.

I've checket type: 1
it looks liek this (Click to View)
It's buggy. After it hits an opponent it appears like 100 units under him, instead of staying in it's place.
I'm not willing to create it a weapon anyway, because I will be messing with the gravity and I need to work with dvy.

RE: Ball hitting ground (hit_Fa?) - Ramond - 08-18-2013

I'm not quite sure but I don't think hit_Fa: 3 supports hitting ground. What you probably meant to do was use hit_Fa: 3 in a frame preceding frames that use hit_Fa: 7 - those which do hit the ground (Firzen's D^A)

RE: Ball hitting ground (hit_Fa?) - Gad - 08-18-2013

hit_Fa: 7 alone was crashing the game out
I've found a solution.
Just noticed, that somebody somewhere mentioned (probably Azzy(?)), that I need to use hit_Fa: 7, but I need to make a frame with hit_Fa:3 before it.
Thanks anyway.