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[DataChanger] LF2 IDE v3.3.1 ~ DCing made easy - Nightmarex1337 - 12-28-2013

Greetings Data Changers,
I'm full of happiness to present my own visual data changer.
I hope it's useful!

Update Log (Click to View)

Future Development (Click to View)

Beginner's Manual (Click to View)

How to integrate your own data utility? (Click to View)

Special Thanks (Click to View)

Feel free to post your ideas and bug reports.
Still data changing for... :D

RE: [DCer] LF2 IDE - bored? - empirefantasy - 12-28-2013

Yea i remember your DC before, i still have it in my pc. well it wasnt that bad, just not like LF studio.

Anyways I saw some improvements in you new ddatachanger. great job. Tools there was really good. i saw a pic number prob: some are not shown correctly!

still i have to explore it more :D

RE: [DCer] LF2 IDE - bored? - AmadisLFE - 12-29-2013

nightmare u played umm chaos faction2?ur image looks like the last boss

RE: [DCer] LF2 IDE - bored? - Nyamaiku - 12-29-2013

pls stay on topic. whether or not nightmare play chaos faction 2 has nothing to do with this project of his.
(well, i do have a downloaded swf of it in my pc)

just tested the IDE, some tags such as mp and hit_Fa etc are shown in black(should be red).
and can you somehow make it read where the sprite sheets are from the bmp part of a .dat? since now it require the sprite to be in sprite\sys folder to work... other than that, its quite awesome with all those convenient functions available.

RE: [DCer] LF2 IDE - bored? - A-Man - 12-31-2013

WoW! Just WOW! There are some really cool stuff in there! Loved IT! I would usually say "keep it up", but it seems like this community, as an LF2 community, is dying due to LF2 being outdated. But you've done a pretty good job there to deserve the member of the month award.

@E.F: I think they are both equally good. This IDE does open faster though, which has always been a problem with the LFS.

RE: [DCer] LF2 IDE - bored? - Nightmarex1337 - 01-05-2014

Tell me if I'm wrong, doesn't LF2 use row and col for each other; I mean aren't sprites have 7 row and 10 col according to meanings of row and column words. I fixed it anyway.

@Amadis: of course i did.

I really have no idea why ScintillaNet acts like that (it's not my fault).
You should read "Beginner's Manual", to make sprite sheet loaded you need to set 'LF2 Path', then open a data file...

I was about to have a heart attack after reading what you said (I think about sharing source code before I die)... That makes me proud.

Just updated, check it up...

RE: [DCer] LF2 IDE - bored? - empirefantasy - 01-06-2014

yea you are right 7 rows and 10 cols. i checked it and it worked :D

3 questions:

1-how to use fold/unfold for all? (i am selecting frames and pressing enter but nothing happens)

2-what is media used for?

3-what is "Args" used for?

About opoint in tag window:
that vector thing is great man :D, now what does "creat opoint cache"? Also i would like to see somewhere what i am opointing :)

RE: [DCer] LF2 IDE - bored? - Nightmarex1337 - 01-12-2014

1) Pressing enter has no effect: press Unfold/Fold button near comboboxes. Enter now works.
2) Double clicking a known media file (such as wav, wma, avi) in solution explorer will send a 'play' message to media panel.
3) Args work when you open an image file with LF2 IDE. There will be options like: 'Make Transparent', 'Change Pixel Format' and 'Make Mirrored'.

Just updated, check it up :D

RE: [DCer] LF2.IDE - something that makes you feel special - Nightmarex1337 - 03-04-2014

Hey! Where is my feedback?..
Just updated, check it up :)

RE: [DCer] LF2.IDE - something that makes you feel special - Dragon5 - 03-06-2014

I'm having a problem loading files to begin with. It says I'm missing data.lang.xml. I assume that's supposed to come with the download?