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[Character] DarkFirzenEX ~ Release
Come on, it's a good char. Even though I don't really like lightning much and the moves are not very creative but he have done a pretty good job.

Thanks given by: DarkFirzenEX
well i think the char is very good, but i dont really like some moves. at first the positives:
i like the biscuit. i know its just a recoloured john-disc with lightenings on it but i like it.

but i dont like the other 2 moves :(
i think his first move is 2 voluminous for a lightening. maybe the whole move should be like this lightenings on his hands in this move.
and i think this whirlwind isnt a good attack for him. he is a lightening-character and i think the whirlwind-move isnt an attack for a lightening character. and i cant understand why he gets burning in it ô.o. but i think u could change it to a good move if u will sprite and code a lightening which comes from the sky and hits the char in this whirlwind. ;)
Thanks given by:
you gotta give him some credit, he is one of the few people who finished a char around here, as there arent many
good looking char, will try soon!
keep up the good work my good man!
Thanks given by: DarkFirzenEX

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