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Special bdys only being hit once
STM1993 Wrote:First thing, check coordinates.
Thanks for you answer! I figured that out while writing my post haha
STM1993 Wrote:check your "vrest" or "arest" values
The problem was my hurt and falling frames not having the modified bdys, thus
making the attacks pass through.

STM1993 Wrote:I'd recommend using a positive y value
Weeeeeeell the positive values are reserved for the "element absorption" part of my mod :3

And as for the hit effect I'll just have to deal with it not appearing (which isn't that bad)

Since my changes worked on a few attacks and on a random char, I went ahead and added all the knew itrs to the attacks (without changing the other charaters) but now 2 of them are unusable... I have to find the culprits in the 40 .dat files ._. However I think I can narrow it down the only the .dat that are used by that specific character O:

Sorry was spacing out, Thanks again for your answer STM1993!!
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