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STM's Random DC tidbits (or other LF2 stuff)
Making this thread so I can gather together a bunch of stuff I found out that aren't directly available on main site as I find them out in the process of figuring things out.

Expect them to be updated very sporadically whenever I feel like it.
Special thanks to @Silverthorn, @Ramond & @zort for helping with this guide!
Recently found out some new things thanks to 叶小六, Leaf, Crosster and Nyamaiku!

Guides I've found: - no idea who wrote this pretty good chinese DC guide @empirefantasy linked. There are a few inaccuracies, but otherwise appears to be a good guide. - excellent database containing info about LF2's inner workings.
BluePhoenix said that an LF2 frame name should not exceed 20 characters, else there'd be bugs.
LASER has a thread that also tries to explain bugs and other inner workings of LF2, albeit in chinese.

LFE's Useful Reference Pages

Last updated: 24/2/2018

Basic Mechanics
Weapons will randomly drop from sky when there are less 4 projectiles or weapons including those held in the hand) in the game.
Default itr zwidth appears to be zwidth 15, not 12 like it was originally believed.
Also, zwidth 15 means 14/1/14, NOT 7/1/7!
1. Useful HP & MP Numbers (Click to View)
2. Other HP Properties (Click to View)
3. Hitlag (Click to View)
4. Defend(state 7) and Armor (Click to View)
5. Fall & Injury (Click to View)
6. Inputs - Buffers, Errors & how it works (Click to View)
7. "Criminal" Type 5 Objects (Click to View)
8. arest & vrest properties. (Click to View)
9. Walking & Running (Click to View)

Tag Properties
Stage should be mostly up to date, but do refer to this Ratio table instead for accuracy.
For stage, x: -1000 is a magic number that makes the enemy have a 50% chance of spawning left or right.
1. Special numbers for dvx/dvy/dvz (Click to View)
2. Z-axis on cpoint, wpoint & opoint (Click to View)
3. hit_Fa homing targets (Click to View)
4. States (5,14,18,19,301) (Click to View)
5. wpoint properties (Click to View)
6. wpoint itr kind 5 + WpnStrength effect 4 special property (Click to View)
7. cpoint "decrease" tag (Click to View)
8. State 9997 - best practical method (Click to View)

Detailed ID Properties
Barring a few bits of missing information, the mainsite is pretty accurate.
id 40-49 will have missing "Com" when they appear in stage mode as if they were bandits, but they still blink when getting up.
IDs that can be blocked regardless of direction: 124(boomerang), 220(jan_chase), firzen_chasef/i(221, 222)
1. Iceball Conversion (Click to View)
2. Facts on Firen/Freeze's Fusion into Firzen (Click to View)
3. Clones - opointing a type 0 (and some AI facts) (Click to View)
4. Hardcoded ID properties with AI behavior (Click to View)

Useful Techniques
Gad's proximity checker using ik8 & a teleporting ball with an ik0 bdy
Self-Catch "Counter skill"
hit_back using hit_d & -mp tag
Cursed itr (a very big number) (-2147483648)
Pushing - throwing immediately with cpoint
AdiDidIt's weapon lift + teleport to nearest opponent system
Spawning objects in Teams other than 1 & 5 in Stage mode
Old DC Contest Thread
rewlf2's guide to making Type3/5 chars
rewlf2's State/Frame machine Guide - very handy list
hit_Forward - a mechanic I re-discovered, and then found out Leaf.F had discovered it much earlier than I did.

Other Stuff
data.txt for LF2 v2.0a
Itr Kind page
ik0 Effects page
Sounds list
John's shield, regardless of location, prevents ALL enemy AI from picking up weapons.
Milks & beers spawned in Battle Mode are independent.
When weapons are dropped by a char(due to injured falling for example) or wpoint kind 3, they randomly appear in any of the frames 0 to 5 only.
Nyamaiku said that all actions actually startup 1tu faster than the data indicates.
State 100 sadly can't be used on anything but a type 0 char.
Apparently you need to indicate the "throwinjury" tag if you want to throw an enemy with the appropriate activation of itr kind 4 in state12 frames.
You can use state12 to make yourself only hittable by fall>40 attacks, but it makes you drop your weapon and there's a chance you may go into real falling frames if you're in midair.
Weird bug when reaching object limit.
id200 has a bug when nexting into frame 212, fixable by adding a jump height tag in bmp.
1. Ramond's hypothesis about why opointing doesn't work in 1st frame (Click to View)
2. Henry's flute diagram & itr kind 11 (Click to View)
(too lazy to format)
Fall: - credits to rewlf2 for experimenting. yspeeds obtained mostly via using dvy550 property.
y-velocity required for these falling frames to trigger
Frame 180/186 = yspeed -10 or lower
Frame 181/187 = yspeed >-10
Frame 182/188 = yspeed >0 (can flip)
Frame 183/189 = yspeed >6
Frame 184/190 = (apparently unused according to rewlf2)
Frame 185/191 = (bounce)
Bounce happens when xspeed is >10 or yspeed >1. The bounce itself has a cap on its speed.
This property of state 12 & frame changing is exclusive to frames 180-191.
[Image: uMSShyX.png]
Steiner v3.00 (outdated), Challenge Stage v1.51
Luigi's Easier Data-Editor, A-Man's Sprite Mirrorer
Working on the LF2 Rebalance mod.
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