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Character: Memento & Sauce's original character edits
(07-23-2020, 06:31 PM)Memento Wrote:  I'm pretty sure there will be more edits coming, so I'll just put this into 1 thread.
This is my throw at slightly modifying the original LF2 characters to make them more interesting even.

1. Woody
Please let me know what you think, and if this is a positive adjustment to the original character yes/no

Even though Woody is't my favorite character I consider him the strongest fighter.
Davis and Dennis have great potential for practical combos (ignoring Dennis' infinite combo, being  clearly unintentional), Woody, however, has the most overpowering skill in all game... the FLIP-KICK!
No Mp! Vrest! Fall 70 + 50 damage. In addition to a large collision box and enabling Woody to Dash.

First of all: the sprite animation is very nice and I fully agree with what you said: Woody's running_attack is't that useful. But now, lets analyze: Would an experienced player prefer to use your DJA skill (a reasonably more difficult imput), Arest with a little more damage potencial and longer animation, or the Flip-Kick?
Well... i choose Flip-Kick.

In addition, Woody has 6 inputs. John doesn't have that many spells. Neither Julian ... With this new one we have 7! I think is too much.

My sugestion: lets keep this new attack as a running attack.
Woody throws a quick punch in to opponent's stomach. A fast animation with relevant dvx, low damage, small collision box and high fall (30~40?). After that:
Hit-A= The original running_attack. But i prefer to punch first and then the high-kick (fall: 45).
Hit-J= (35~50 mp) Woody quickly crosses the enemies, appearing on the other side where can apply HIT_A as well.
So, to maintain the opportunity momentum let's hit-lag the enemy without damage. An obj/t3 with fall: -1 will easily do this.
Concept: a effective engage without high damage, made to initiate combos. It's Woody's version of Davis's jumphit. The Dragon jumps, the Tiger advances.

This topic make me inspired to remade my Woody Super_punch.
If anyone enjoy, can pick and use. But its just a sample.

[Image: fcyBOND.gif]
Thanks given by: memskey , Memento

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