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[Char] Spike (update: new AI)

[Image: JMA2Rbh.png]

Dark creature, powerful in face-to-face combat.
His fighting mainly for the near term, what characterizes him is the attacks that use his sharp nails and the spikes he launches.

And yes he is overpowered, suppose to be, also his size is similar to Julian's.
[Image: GNiNEu7.png][Image: wzENifK.png]

All sprites made in Flash and Paint.Net
D>A - shoots spikes that are scattered in the y and z axes.
D>J - a succession of punches that end up with an upward swing.
D^A - an upward swing of the arm (can be done several times by pressing A)
D^J - leap for attack + (A) downward attack (similar to Louis dash attack and also reminds Davis jump hit attack)
DVJ - draw out spikes from the ground (similar to the Firzen glaciers known to emerge around him)
DVA - spikes that emerge sequentially from the ground, they will chase the enemy


[Image: t61GLkG.png]  [Image: aL1gxiK.png]  [Image: He1txKd.png]



STM for his great feedback on improving the char
ToringoGT for the idea of the char
Gad chars generator

I changed Spike's ID to Knight's (37), now his armor is a bit stronger, also it means that you need to enter the code to see Spike.
Also I made AI for Spike yerserday, hope you like it.

if you have suggestions on improving the character, I'll love to hear them  :)
Please let me know if there are any bugs in the character

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