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Character: Goku 2021 (normal, SSJ1, SSJ2)
Remember Goku and SSJ Goku from 2014? Well, here's the thing. Ever since releasing the character, I still wanted to make improvements to him. Now is the perfect time: easier data changing (already fixed quite some itr and bdy values in the data), more possibilities for AI and making improvements to some aspects of the character.

I'm going to be releasing this character with 3 forms:
- Normal
- Super Saiyan (SSJ/SSJ1)
- Super Saiyan2 (SSJ2)

In this form, Goku will be about as strong as the regular LF2 characters. In his movesets, I'm going to change his spirit bomb mainly: have his MP decrease while floating up in the air to charge, while being hurtable, instead of just standing and throwing it. As for the effect of the attack itself: the center of the move should be doing way more damage, so I should edit the itr values here mainly.

Super Saiyan
In the 2014 version, Goku packs an incredible punch after transforming into a Super Saiyan. With this update, Super Saiyan form will be a little bit weaker. I'm probably taking about some moves: DvJ+A (high jump + kamehameha to the ground), D>J+A (powered-up kamehameha) and D^A+A (kick - punch - upward kamehameha).
His regular kamehameha will be made a little bit slower and more MP consuming, because I find his kamehameha spam quite annoying (and he can still use instant transmission kamehameha to compensate for the decrease in speed). I'm going to take out the kick - punch - upward kamehameha combo (D^A) and replace it with another melee skill (maybe something evasive).

Super Saiyan2 (might not do this, or make another form instead. We'll see
Editing the sprites to make them suitable for SSJ2 won't be that difficult, so it's worth it. SSJ2 Goku gets the powered-up kamehameha attack from 2014 SSJ Goku as his regular D>J. His fighting style will be quick and flashy, even moreso that SSJ1 Goku. The DvJ+A move from 2014 SSJ Goku (jump+kamehameha to ground) will be used for SSJ2 instead of SSJ1, I felt this move was too strong for SSJ1. But it suits SSJ2 just fine!

Let me know if you have any specific ideas, suggestions or simply want to comment.

PS I'm going to work on this, but there's also LF2 timelapse and the wizard character I'm planning to make for it soon ^_^ I expect a release as early as 2021, so I'll just call this project Goku2021.

Check back soon!
Original character edits
LF2 Timelapse (open source mod)

Thanks given by: FerZ

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