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Character: Rose(wip)
After a month, I decided to make the char public and update it at the same time.

One month ago,I wanted to create a new character to load my new AI model.
And then I shared my design with JCostal,he agreed to help me make sprites.
Like that,Rose was born.

Hitman is the projection of myself.
But she is female so,hitgirl.
I have seen too much in my life.
Become a hitman?Not a bad idea in fantasy world.

A female boss-level character.

Not finish yet,based on Freeze.(but update at any time)

Only one skill for now(new skills sound effect are in folder)

A more powerful AI than humans.(most of time)
(Difficulty optional,every Difficulty for random move frequency)

"I'm done killing for a long time,but if you insist it..."

Download(first version)

Copy everything in zip into your lf2 directory,be sure that you have the latest ddraw.dll,and then edit the data.txt file inside the data folder and add this line to it:

id: 57  type: 0  file: char\rose\rose.dat

You need to type to use this char.

Data,AI,test and design.
Sauce,No.1 player in China.
I don't need any fame,because I know who I am
Thanks given by: JoHo15 , MoragWan , JCostal , BizarreHare

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