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[MOD] (W.I.P) Bleach Bankai Revolution ***Version 1.0*** LF2 MOD
If you would like the visit the official site please go here:

Bleach Bankai Revolution ***Version 1.0***
This is a mod that Dennis (DTC), Kiltev and I (ShadowChow) are working on. It is a bleach mod that we are hoping will go a very long way. I will be the representative of this mod so anything you need just email or send me a private message. We plan on making this game have every character in the game so that it is more anime like.

If anyone would like to help please send me an email at or if you have any questions

I would like to keep this thread small so please do not post pointless posts

The newest Version of the game will always be posted on the first page as well a list of things that have been changed. It will be called the Update List.

The following link bellow is where you can get the game to give it a shot. Give me your feedback here but dont write three words like "very well done". If you want us to add something say Grimjows perfect form please state why (even though we will add him sooner or later) Dont just tell us what to do give us reason.



NOTE: If anyone has any sprites they would like us to take a look at you can post them here or if you want to keep them private you can email them i have found a way to make sure no one can steal our sprites from the game when we post them so its okay. Or post 1 picture on your signature so poeple can see and we will tell you if it is usuable or not.

If anyone knows how to put screenshots please pm me because when i try adding an attachment it wont allow me to.

Press [Alt] + [Print Screen] (or sort of that), then create a new file in your favorite graphics editor, paste it a.k.a. [Ctrl] + [V], save your image, and upload it. It's better to save the image in a jpeg-file than a bmp, sizewise. Hope that helps.
~Blue Phoenix
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