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[CHAR] Sharn (v2.0)
[Image: 2u8h4dk.jpg]
Version 1.12

After hours of work (omg, the Black Hole move took me 3 hours only >.<) and several (now soluted) problems...

Click this for an epic background story (Click to View)

All the people, that saw my earlier 2 projects (Trio Mortale and Cleric) know, that i usually don't draw much new into chars, besides recoloring them.
Some month ago, i tried my first sprite project, called "Sharn" (you can see some of the cruelly bad pics here)... But besides the fact that the sprites looked crappy it would have taken years for me to finish them. Therefore i dropped that project.

About 3 weeks ago i began making THIS "Sharn": A recolored basic char (of Freeze).
However, this char contains WAY more new sprites then ALL my "old" mods TOGETHER:
Even if it are only new balls, charge effects and some added lightning sparks etc i would call Sharn a pretty "well-sprited" char ^^

ADDITIONAL the char contains a good couple of moves (17 ^^) and some of them are using advanced DC.
(Don't believe me? Here's the OFFICIAL proof for that: >>LINK<<)
So, if there are some beginning DCers, wanting to learn things like "Advanced Move after Death" or similar things: Check out the data ^^

The character itself is acceptable balanced, but (still) a bit overpowered. Or at least some of his moves are pretty destructive. To reduce the IMBAness i DCed some "weaknesses" into the char (though i won't tell them public XD) ;)

You can download it straight from LF-Empire, download size is about 700 kb.

Here are a few Screenshots.
The good thing on them: All moves of Sharn are descibed in the Readme (in opposite to Cleric ;) ), so there are no Secret Moves (which i couldn't show now).
Screenshots (Click to View)

Due i want you to download the char, i will give you only a short, uninforming Move List here :P
That one in the Readme is way bigger and will tell you more ^^
Move List (Click to View)

And here you will find a list of removed bugs, changed values etcetcetc:
Version History (Click to View)

Big THANKS to TheNave, MH-Razen and Azriel.
Without them i would still need a big can of BUG-spray XD

PS: Attachment link removed... you can download the char directly via LF-Epire now.
My Creations: (Click to View)

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