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[new char] Angel , try it out!
[Image: fly.jpg]
[Image: ball.jpg]

This is my first char. it aint too strong, just the lf2 style.
i used the Jack's skin of the LFE main site, and changed its colour.
for there are many evil and devil chars but there are lack of good ones.
then i decided to create this angel. and yea he can fly

D>A Fire of the saints
D^J Just the Jack Kick
DVA Dennis many foot modified
D>J Flaming fly kick
JJJ Jump in the air
JD/ JJD/ JJJD Fly and fire ball
DJA Explosion
Grab then A Another explosion
When injured press A Explosion. (50% success rate, causes deduction of hp)

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Thanks given by: klodasmone
Moved to releases
Pretty nice char - I will give it a shot.

LF2 character - Angel

Idea: 8/10
Sprites: 4/10
Data: 6/10
Gameplay: 4/10
Overall: 5.50/10
- Great start for a first character!

Idea: 8/10
The idea ''for there are many evil and devil chars but there are lack of good ones.'' is kind of original, though, everything inside .zip - not...

Sprites: 4/10
So, I can't give you anything better than 4. You added some sprites from lfe, which was made by other users, and made a really ugly (honestly) recolour.
I suggest for your next char to create something more original in sprites side of char, too.

Data: 6/10
Look at his standing. This gives a very 'unfinished' work feeling, if you know what I mean. The moves are pretty nice made, except injury: and facing: parts.
I hope you know what I mean ;)

Gameplay: 4/10
Well... I must admit - it'd be very boring to play in stage or survival mode. I'm not offending you or anything - it's a very big and great start for a begginer, so you could've known comment like that'll appear.
About the moves you made - D>A was not so overpowered, while other attacks, (DvA for instance) made some huge damage in a few seconds of time. Is it really fair when playing against him... lets say... in network mode?
JJD, is overpowered, too. Though, it's just my opinion, and I know - you won't change anything anymore ;D

As a final words I can really say - this is very nice start. You have a passion of doin' chars. Not everybody started like you, keep it up.
I'll be waitin' your next char, dude :)
Thanks given by: injured

Idea: 8/10

dint know that i would get such high a score in here XD
yea i aint good at painting and aint too good at data creating too.
so i kinda copied everything from everyone and bind the useful ones together. (sigh)

Sprites: 4/10

really ugly? XD i wanted to make it more angelike and brighter, so i gave him golden hair and
shinning wings.
Yea... not original. (sigh)

Data: 6/10

Yea i know, i explained everything in that read me file ...
I was just too lazy for changing it XD
Really, it'll be better in ma next char.

Gameplay: 4/10

Sorry i dint pay a lot of attention on DvA . i was busy changing the datas of JJD.
JJD requires a deduction of mp.. then it wont be too overpowered in stage i guess...
i was wondering if i should reduce hp also when he flies. but it turn out more like an evil char's move XD

Thankyou very much for ranking my work. Maybe in the coming future, u may see me again with an original character ^^
Overall: 5.50/10
Thanks given by:
(04-05-2010, 11:23 PM)injured Wrote:  really ugly? XD i wanted to make it more angelike and brighter, so i gave him golden hair and
shinning wings.
Yea... not original. (sigh)

In concept, that's not so bad, but the problem is, the hair is NOT golden, it is actually an ugly shade of green. Also, the pants are purple (That's a big no-no), and the wings are too bright. However, all of those problems can easily be fixed, and you could re-release the character somewhat recolored. That alone would improve your character quite a bit.
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Thanks given by: snorsorbet
u should try hard. I'm only newb u can check my char windslaver so u can b more creative.
[Image: illidansig1.png]
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