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Special bdys only being hit once
Hello again peeps! (being on and off and this project is soooo weird)

I'm sorry I tabbed into the "send post" and pressed space which somehow sent the unfinished post.

I fixed a part of my problem while actually writting this post, but I'll explain what happens:

I'm working on a mod with several layers: 1 for physical attacks (itrs and bdys at 0), 1 for projectiles (itrs and bdys at -1000)
and 1 for magical attacks (itrs and bdys at -2000)

So far all attacks hit the characters as they should(all charas have at least the 3 mentioned bdys).
The only problem I get is that they are only getting hit once by an attack that should hit several times.

When the attack happens on y: 0 or around that, it works just fine, but when I move it to -2000 (magical bubble for example), it just hits once.
Also the little "hit" effect doesn't appear or appears way lower than it should be(I suspect this is because it appears on the layer it's on).

I'd appreciate if you could help me figure out why this is happening~

Edit: I'm really sorry I just noticed it's because my falling frames didn't have the modified bdys ._. If someone could delete this it would be nice haha~
And Then Will There Be None?
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