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STM's Random DC tidbits (or other LF2 stuff)
Whoa what is this sorcery?

Can you maybe elaborate on the hold_forward? Is that actually a recognized tag? And what do you mean by "charging input"?
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(06-07-2018, 07:05 PM)Ramond Wrote:  Can you maybe elaborate on the hold_forward? Is that actually a recognized tag? And what do you mean by "charging input"?
I meant hold_forward to be a name for a specific DC tech, like how hit_back actually means hit_d with mp: -xxx tag.

Itr kind 1 (ik1) is a grab itr used in a char's walking frames.
It requires the grabber to be holding (>) towards the target; so generally this means you need to be a type 0 char(since you can't make a ball have AI).
The target can be only be grabbed if he is A) in front of the grabber based on x-axis position and B) is in state 16.
I previously believed there was some other requirement like dvx movement, but no, it doesn't require anything else.
You can change the catchingact and caughtact as well, its not hardcoded.

State 16 is a state used in a char's DOP/stunned frames(226-229).
It turns out that this state is NOT restricted to type 0 chars; you can use it on a ball.
Now, a ball normally cannot be hit by allies/yourself. However, you can still rebound it if you were facing the opposite direction.
Therefore, you can opoint the state 16 ball to start if the opposite direction of yourself using opoint: facing: 1.

For the longest time, people have been asking for DC methods used to, for example, charge an attack to become more powerful the longer you held a button.

Originally, people just made a move that lasts very long, and then hit_a to fire the attack. Not a true hold X to charge.
Then, Sinow & Azriel discovered you could hold A to charge using some tricks with jump_attack/dash_attack in state 4/5, but it comes with some heavy side effects.
Then, YinYin documented holding (<) to charge as "hit_back", which uses the fact that you can hold (<) to send a move into the hit_d frame if you have -mp tag. It works incredibly well, biggest issue is that it can't work with F6.

Now there's another option without using exe edits that is documented in the english community: hold (>) to charge.

It won't be as bug-free as holding back because it involves the player grabbing a ball(which means if there's multiple of the same players, allied or enemy, it might cause some issues), but it does open up a whole new possibility. By stacking a bunch of frames with itr kind 1 and having a state16 object to grab, you could make an attack where you can hold (>) to charge your attack.

Of course, charging isn't the only practical application.

You could make a Davis shrafe that is modified to do a forward punch at the end if you pressed (>) before the last punch.
You could make a Firen's D>J run faster than normal when holding (>).
You could make a blink teleport/dash move that only uses one button and direction inputs without having to replace jump.
And this also solves the problem of having a character who enters a certain stance but is unable to move forward - potentially very useful for riding horses or robots or flying jetpacks.
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