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A new story...
Here is a new story

I am dividing it into chapters(not sure how many)


He was walking along the road.His fists were shaking.It was a the first time....
Suddenly he saw smoke and he began to run as fast as his feet could take him .The smoke reminded him of his past memories...He did not want to miss this time..'He will pay for what he had done. He had ruined my life.'
These thougts renewed his energy.

Unknown to him a pair of eyes were watching him with an intense hatred.
Chapter 1
7 Months back
"DAVIS" suddenly annoyed by the noise he woke up, only to find his brothers Woody and Dennis waking him up..
He was surrounded by many monks who were smiling at him,"what happened?" he asked.He only got a weak smile from his brothers and then angrily looking at he monks smiling at him at him and asked "Who the hell are these people? WHAT the hell had happened." A few awkward moments of silence and then woody replied heavily panting"Oh! Nothing we were defeated by Bat.. He was upto something. He almost killed us. Were it not for these people you could have died there with us.. Anyways rest for sometime, we are going to get another chance to settle our scores with him".Davis noticed the scars on their bodies. Dennis was stabbed in the arm. 'That must be painful for me.. Anyways he uses legs so he should do okay' Davis thought to himself' A monk who was a bit taller than the other monks came over and smiled at him. Apparently he was the leader of them all as his robes were darker.. He was about to ask something when suddenly two monks came up to him and said "Sir, a large group of armed bandits have attacked the nearby village. The village is on fire.All hell broke loose. What do we do?" The monk replied "Let's go.." and David asked where they were headed... A few moments of silence ensued."Tai Hom village" said a voice behind him.. He only knew one man who spoke could sneak in that quietly

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yeah yeah nice strory
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I want to hear a continuation!
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