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Character: Minion collection
This thread introduces a collection of minions which their data are maintained by me, but not completely owned by me as they are based on open-source character projects hosted on LFE.

They are designed to differ in moves and strength from minions in original LF2, but are roughly capable to be used as substitutes with some restrictions.

Mind that they are ongoing projects and will be for a long time, and their actions are quite stiff, although the basic mechanics are solid.

The collection includes 5 minions packed in single extractable zip file:

A discolored Crimson who is slightly faster than bandit but not stronger otherwise.
Story-wise, Criminion is a group of fighters that are following Crimson.

Typical soldiers who have undergone rigorous training.
They are normal human but are donned with heavy armor which allow them to secure areas in groups. They are clumsy and can be taken down easily when alone though.
However, they are not enhanced beings like Knight and are more flexible to dodge blows.

Typical soldiers who have undergone training to wield extra-heavy weapons.
They are even slower than soldier and are weaker than Knight for they must take time to recover after swinging their axes. However they have better follow-through abilities and can deal heavy damage and act as tanks when covered by other soldiers.

Training Demon
A juvenile demon who specializes in close-quarter combat, he does not use energy moves like Justin but is highly competent.

Infested humans (for now only bandits) who have poor vision, movement and are easy to spot. They don't pose a threat alone but are focused on reaching victims with the capabilities they have. Underestimate them and they will sneak behind and bite you.

Move list - Soldier and Axeman (Click to View)
Move list - Training Demon (Click to View)
Move list - Zombie (Click to View)
Criminion has no moves and no traits, they are similar to bandits.


[Image: yOMd46X.png]

Extra present

Zombie slaying , watch on youtube

23 Jan 2018:
Added portrait and in-game HUD figure for characters missing these


Version: 23 Jan 2018

Version 16 Nov 2019
Soldier and Axer only, also their mechanism are quite different from old version

All sprites are originally created by Gad
Apologies to Yinyin for using Jun's data file for changing it into Training Demon's data
Thanks given by: RazenBrenday , FerZ , Gad
New version of soldier and axeman are released. This extends the sprite collection of both characters and changes axeman to fully use Single-sided defense.

Note that Axeman is now about as strong as a monk - knight

Single-sided defense:
Invented by me in LF2: Story of HongBa and perfected with STM, this system pairs with Single-sided infinite defense to provide consistent defense state on character. Characters with SSD may block blows hitting in front of him regardless of state, unless he is caught, catching others, his defense is broken, injured, knocked off, frozen or burning.
Thanks given by: Dinothundah
I like it!
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I'm sorry for bothering but i think the link is dead, could you re upload it again? :p
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Fixed, thanks for informing.
Thanks given by: Dinothundah

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