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Need help
Hello, and nice to meet you guys, umm... im new here. I wanted to know how to sprite, and I know, you guys are gonna say 'go to 'how to sprite' thread' but i don't understand it. If you can help me, please send me painting/drawing/spriting (whatever you wanna call it) applications, or explain to me with steps. Thanks :)
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Hello Hi there.
There are a lot of sprite tutorials around here,but since you didn't find them helpful or you couldn't understand them.
Right now I wonder like you never attempted to sprite on your own.You can ask requests here but very few people are interested to spare time for others.But we really look forward to what your going to make of your sprite,so I suggest you to try and develop a single sprite and post it here so we might get to know how much basics of spriting you have,and we would advice the corrections the sprite would need like shadings and body alignment.
There are a alot good drawing application's but rather very complicated for I suggest you to use your very own MS paint and referring to the LF2's template to begin with.
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Use Affinity

[Image: OWeoEpW.jpg]

[Image: 7HLTSez.png]

[Image: e3ZVkEk.jpg]

[Image: ErHOxam.png]

[Image: y4rBYjJ.png]

I'm just at the same boat as you I'm still learning the same pace as you
but i'm getting bored of it I'm just only interested in making 1 character
my dream is to sprite like this [Image: pqcM47U.png]

Idk about making a lf2 mod that will take time and effort and for datachanging idk it
but i'll get around it

I have a lot in my plate right now cause I have lots of goals

If you want to learn how to make signatures check out this or whatever
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(03-01-2018, 01:21 AM)Andou Oeiji Wrote:  Use Affinity


Is the program called Affinity designer?

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Sign up and buy it u can keep it forever
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