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LF2 - SC
Ok here's the link to the place where it'll be updated.

I'll try to update at least one "part" every weekend.


The website I was looking to post this in for cleaner formatting, etc, needs a few days just to register.
I'll leave a bit of the beginning here first, and when I get through archiveofourown's weird sign up process, I'll update the OP with the link. I am editing to the whole thing more readable to others so it'll take me time to push out parts. Yeah.

So just "disclaimers," this is the script of what was suppose to be a comic I made up some years ago. Details on any visual elements might be lacking in the writing, and sometimes there's these weird jumps that's only not jarring in comic format haha. Stuff like that I'm more or less aware of.

This story is unfinished, and I don't intend to finish it, but I'd still like to leave it here for reasons unknown.
A skeleton of the ending does exist, so if I feel like it's worth making a quick "spoiler" when it comes time, I'll do that.
Most "chapters" are also untitled whoops.
Reading old writing is fun.

1.1: Awake (Click to View)
A few more parts will hopefully be on archiveofourown in the next week.
Thanks given by: STM1993 , MangaD

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